10 Best States for Business 2012: Slideshow

Here’s a look at the best states in which to do business in 2012 and what CEOs had to say about them.

May 2 2012 by ChiefExecutive.net

No 9: Utah

No. 9

Utah is the 9th Best State for Business 2012

Taxation and Regulations
Workforce Quality
Living Environment

Based on CEO Survey by ChiefExecutive.net

Development Trend Indicator—Neutral
Ground-breaking health-insurance exchange is big new risk in business-friendly state.
CEO Comments
“Texas and Utah actively support business development. New Hampshire is coming on strong. If they can ever institute “Right to Work” legislation, they could rise to number one.”

“Would love to live and retire in Texas, Utah or Idaho due to quality of life, west of the Mississippi, Not gun restrictive and in Utah and Idaho’s example, limited population.”

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