10 Worst States for Business 2012: Slideshow

Yet again, California takes the title of the worst state in which to do business. Here are the other states that didn’t perform well in this year’s survey.

May 2 2012 by ChiefExecutive.net

No 7: Connecticut

No. 7

Connecticut is the 7th Worst State for Business 2012

Taxation and Regulations
Workforce Quality
Living Environment

Based on CEO Survey by ChiefExecutive.net

Development Trend Indicator—Neutral
Businesses in high-tax state bracing for possible boost in minimum wage.
CEO Comments
“California,New York and Connecticut heavy on taxation and regulatory.”

“Connecticut continues its rapid decline and it’s getting ugly.”

“Connecticut could be the business-friendly refuge of NYC and New England, but instead taxes and regulates like the crown of Old England.”

“California and Connecticut have state governments that are simply too big, too intrusive and too anti-business.”

“Connecticut has continued to raise taxes and implement additional regulations the opposite of what is required to stimulate growth. Lowered bond rating raises longer term risk of doing business in the state.”

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