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10th Annual CEO2CEO Leadership Summit

Driving Growth and Value in a Post-Election WorldNovember 11, 2008, TuesdayMandarin Oriental,New York City, New YorkThere is no such thing as …

Driving Growth and Value in a Post-Election World
November 11, 2008, Tuesday
Mandarin Oriental,
New York City, New York

There is no such thing as a “growth industry.” Most industries have mature segments and each mature segment has a growth giant. Even during difficult economic conditions there are companies that grow faster than GDP and generate value faster than their peers. We aim to show that even when markets are volatile and prospects uncertain, every CEO and his senior team can benefit when revisiting the question: What levels of growth and operating performance will create the most value for us? External economic turbulence often forces the CEO to look at growth differently, sometimes knowing that there are fewer margins for error. 

Our Summit aims to help business leaders elevate their thinking and improve their game at a time when every advantage counts.

 8:00 AM

Register /Breakfast

 8:30 AM

Welcome and Opening Keynote

The New Administration: What’s Ahead for the First 100 Days? 

  • Stephen Moore
 9:30 AM

Panel Discussion

The Future Impact of India and China on Global Growth 

Given that over half of the revenue and profits from most U.S. companies come from overseas the continuing input of China and India alters the rules of global competitiveness. How does a CEO leverage his company’s interest in these countries for best advantage? By the end of this year China will have surpassed Germany as the world’s third largest economy behind the U.S. and Japan. It is likely that between 2035 and 2050 the three biggest economies will be the U.S., China and India. However, the rise of these two countries should not mask that both are extremely poor with per capita income less than one twentieth that of the U.S.  According to authors Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang, China and India are unique in that their emergence constitutes four game-changing realities: 

  1. Mega-markets for almost every product and service,
  2. platforms to radically reduce a company’s cost structure,
  3. platforms to boost significantly a company’s global technology and innovation base, and
  4. springboards for the emergence of new fearsome global competitors 

The roundtable will focus on several of these game-changing realities, what CEOs should know about developments that materially move the needle of global competitiveness, and, in addition, the discussion will address seen and unseen developments, politically, socially and economically that might derail expectations.

  • Martin Sullivan, Former CEO, AIG
  • Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Citigroup Advisor
  • Anil Gupta, Smith School of Business
  • Haiyan Wang, Smith School of Business
  • Tom Iseghohi, Transcorp
 11:00 AM Break
 11:15 AM

 Roundtable:  Next Generation Globalization

What will it take to succeed in the next stage of globalization? Advances in IT have made inventories significantly less necessary. Advances in communications and threats to security will force reconfiguration of supply chains bringing distribution centers closer to customers. What are the new ways of moving goods and how best can we adapt to new realities of finance and commerce dictated by market access?

  • David Bronczek, CEO, FedEx Express
  • Anil Gupta, Smith School of Business
 12:30 PM Networking Lunch 
 1:30 PM

 Concurrent Roundtables

Unlimited Bandwidth; Ubiquitous Access

Leveraging the Power of New Media to Engage Customers in New Ways

The explosive growth in bandwidth and new forms of networking technology allow marketers to reach communities of one or 100,000 with near equal ease and cost effectiveness. The confluence of Internet, mobile telephony, satellite communications and new media will disrupt historic methods of marketing products and services in unanticipated ways, changing the way brands will be sustained. It will also permit marketers to reach out to underserved markets with virtually little or no waste. This roundtable will focus on how CEOs will have to change the way they think about branding in the world of new media.

  • Pradman Kaul, CEO, Hughes Communications
  • Sol Trujillo, Telstra

Innovate or Perish: What Leaders Must Do

Innovation is the primary engine of growth and value creation. It is the only path to higher growth, higher margin a business. It is also the catalyst for transforming strategy, culture and leadership. The type of framework one uses to advance game-changing innovation is hyper-critical. Having ideas is one thing; getting them to market in ways that protect and reward innovators within the organization on a consistent basis is the key. So is an organization’s taste for risk-taking. All too often, for example, technology or passion pushes and idea into the market that customers do not want or aren’t prepared to accept in that guise.  What are the central mechanisms that most sustain innovation? What are the internal leadership models required to make this a reality? Just as importantly what are the notions that tend to be fads du jour that dissipate one’s efforts? This roundtable seeks to examine how leaders best integrate innovation into the routine of their companies and how best their personal action can move the needle.  

  • Ed Ludwig, CEO, Becton Dickinson
  • Mark Israelsen, Salesgenie
 2:45 to 3:10 pm


 3:10 PM

 How Green Is Your Business?

Strategies for Building Proven Eco-Friendly Advantages 

The business world and the environment are fundamentally linked. Smart companies are seizing competitive advantage through strategic management of their environmental challenges. Unfortunately, most accounts of creating environmentally friendly businesses tend to be little more than cheerleading in which the real problems are minimized or oversimplified. The discussion has also been constrained by zero-sum thinking about so-called corporate social responsibility and a “limits to growth” view that has historically exhibited an anti-market bias.

  • Anthony Orlando, Covanta
  • Rear Admiral, Nuclear Energy Institute 

This roundtable will examine how CEOs are thinking about environmental issues in a market-focused way.  Such leaders are finding opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, build revenues and drive intangible value.  Business is fundamentally about the productive use of resources. The discussion will explore the greening of the supply chain, the productivity raising advantages in reducing waste and energy in manufacturing, and the brand-building opportunities that derive from green-friendly products and services.

 4:45 – 5:30 pm

The Implications of the National Election on Global Business and Foreign Affairs 

  • Jack Devine, President, The Arkin Group

Jack Devine is a founding partner and President of The Arkin Group. A career veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), he has been one of the CIA’s most senior officials. Mr. Devine served as both Acting Director and Associate Director of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, which oversees and directs the Agency’s operations abroad. In those positions, he had operational authority over covert operations and intelligence collection globally, as well as supervisory authority over multi-million dollar budgets and thousands of employees involved in sensitive missions.

 5:30 – 8:00 pm Cocktail Reception

* Program subject to change. Private and Confidential.





The CEO2CEO Summit is designed for C-Suite executives at large and mid-sized corporations. As seating is limited, Chief Executive reserves the right to limit registrations. To reserve your place, email bsagges@chiefexecutive.net 

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