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20 States Where We Should Create Jobs

The country is in need of jobs, but where are they going to come from?  Some states may prove better …

The country is in need of jobs, but where are they going to come from?  Some states may prove better than others for producing the employment that the US so desperately needs.  In fact, some states have had employment growth while the rest of the country has stayed in this unemployment limbo or seen jobs disappear.

The Daily Beast has provided this list of 20 states where they believe American workers may be able to find employment.  The following list is in order from most-likely to create jobs on down, and includes the percent of employers who are expanding their workforces:

  1. Michigan – 32 percent
  2. Indiana – 32 percent
  3. Massachusetts – 31 percent
  4. Virginia – 34 percent
  5. Minnesota – 32 percent
  6. Oklahoma – 34 percent
  7. South Carolina – 37 percent
  8. Pennsylvania – 32 percent
  9. Ohio – 33 percent
  10. Arizona – 32 percent
  11. Wyoming – 27 percent
  12. District of Columbia – 41 percent
  13. Wisconsin – 31 percent
  14. Missouri – 30 percent
  15. Illinois – 30 percent
  16. New York – 29 percent
  17. Vermont – 22 percent
  18. Alaska – 35 percent
  19. North Dakota – 39 percent
  20. Delaware – 37 percent

These states were also ranked based on the average annual income, the score they received on this Gallup job-creation poll, and the amount of unemployment change from 2010 to 2011 (each of these states actually reduced unemployment).

South Carolina, Virginia and Indiana ranked in the top ten of Chief Executive’s 2011 Best/Worst States for Business, with Oklahoma coming in at number 11.  The Best/Worst States were listed based on many more – and different – criteria than this list, but it does go to show that some states really are better for business and job creation than others.

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