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2009 Digital Ad Specifications

 2009 Editorial Calendar       Rates       Advertising Specs      Events      Contact Us Download a PDF Version   CHIEF EXECUTIVE magazine will be produced in a 100% digital prepress, computer-to-plate …

 2009 Editorial Calendar       Rates       Advertising Specs      Events      Contact Us

 Download a PDF Version  

CHIEF EXECUTIVE magazine will be produced in a 100% digital prepress, computer-to-plate environment. All ads must be submitted as digital files.


Trim size: 8″ x 10-3/4″

  • Printing process: Web offset
  • Binding method: Perfect
  • Suggested live matter safety: 3/8″ on three sides
  • Gutter safety: 1/8″ each side


  1. Send files in MACINTOSH format on CD ROM. Disks must be labeled with advertiser name, date of insertion & name of magazine in which ad will run.
  2. TWO digital color proofs are MANDATORY for 2 & 4 color ads at 100% size. Must be DIGITAL CONTRACT proofs such as FUJI FINAL Proofs, IRIS PRO SWOP, KPG MATCHPRINT, KODAK APPROVAL, FUJI PICTROPROOF, DUPONT DIGITAL WATERPROOF. These proofs must be certified by SWOP for color. The certification is only valid when calibrated to SWOP standards for off press proofs. A calibration strip is also required on each proof to verify calibration.
  3. FILE FORMAT: Hi-Res PDF, EPS, or Quark only accepted. Please include native files for all fractional ads.
  4. Digital color proofs must be accompanied by a label sheet identifying proofing device used, file identification & the name, phone number & e-mail address of a production contact person in the event any questions arise.
  5. Color mode on disk must be CMYK not RGB.
  6. Maximum density for 4 color ads should not exceed 280%
  7. Maximum density for 2 color ads should not exceed 180%. Second color not to Exceed 90%.
  8. Recommended Line Screen: 133.
  9. Images should be High Resolution. We recommend the dpi to be double the final line screen. Ex: 150 line screen = 300 dpi 133 line screen = 266 dpi.
  10. Line resolution for TIFF-IT-P1 files = 2400. CT=300.

Chief Executive will not be responsible for making any ad changes once the file & proofs are sent to production. If there are any copy, art, bleed, etc. changes in the ad, advertiser MUST send in a CHANGE ORDER with a NEW disk & with 2 new proofs to our production dept. Contract proofs must be proofed from the ad files themselves. All proofs must be IDENTICAL to the files on the disks.

  • Preprinted inserts, gatefolds (inside or off cover), business reply cards are accepted. Call the Production Department for specifications:

Rose Sullivan, Director of Production
Chief Executive Magazine
Phone: 201-447-0847 Fax: 201-930-5956

*Gutter Safety

  • Between body copy in headline, allow 1/4″ on each side (1/2″ total)
  • Between letters in headline, allow 1/8″ on each side (1/4″ total)
  • Between words in headline, allow 3/16″ on each side (3/8″ total)


  1. Publisher is not responsible for color reproduction quality if SWOP standard color proofs are not provided for guidance. All materials will be held for one year and then destroyed unless otherwise requested in writing. For information on SWOP standards, go to http://www.swop.org.
  2. Proofs: If other than contract proofs for color ads are submitted, we will print to SWOP standard ink densities. If a proof is needed, it may be generated at customer expense.
  3. Color: CMYK is the only accepted mode for 4 color ads. DO NOT USE RGB. Do not use spot color unless you are paying for PMS (Pantone colors). Laser proofs are for identification ONLY.
  4. Provider Information required:
  • Issue date
  • Advertiser, product, agency name
  • Agency contact person, phone number, e-mail or vendor name & number
  • Printout of disk contents list

Disks will not be altered or changed by the publisher under any circumstances. New files & proofs must be resubmitted to production by advertiser when changes need to be made. Proofs submitted for color matching should reflect the file submitted. See item #3 (under Digital Material Requirements) for acceptable proofs. Laser or lesser quality proofs will be used for identification only.

POLICY DISCLAIMER – Publisher will make every effort to provide expected quality. However, no adjustment to space or color charges will be made where material furnished deviates from published specifications.

  • Ship all cds, proofs & content list to:

Rose Sullivan, Director of Production
Chief Executive Magazine
110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645
Phone: 1-201-447-0847 Fax: 1-201-930-5956

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