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3D Opportunity for Production: Additive Manufacturing Makes its Business Case

Manufacturers in aerospace and other industries face a daunting challenge. To remain competitive, they must constantly look for ways to deliver superior value to their customers. Truly innovative companies find a way to break the trade-off between better and cheaper and deliver both. Enter additive manufacturing.

Advocates for additive manufacturing (AM), also known as “3D printing,” view the technology as a strong potential contributor to companies’ quest for excellence.4 In the right context, they see the potential to meet or exceed the direct-cost standards established by more traditional manufacturing methods while simultaneously offering the opportunity to achieve superior supply-chain and product performance.

Many senior executives, operations managers, and financial professionals find themselves trying to understand the business case for AM. This should begin with careful consideration of the direct costs that drive AM and traditional production economics and continue with an examination of some of the less direct factors that can add dramatic value for companies and their customers under the right circumstances.

Such exploration seems justified. Advancements in AM increasingly enable companies to move beyond the technology’s historical stronghold of rapid prototyping and into end-product manufacturing.

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