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A Note From The Chief Executive

Your journal is in new but familiar hands.Chief Executive recently was acquired by The Chief Executive Group, led by myself …

Your journal is in new but familiar hands.

Chief Executive recently was acquired by The Chief Executive Group, led by myself and my partner and friend, Bill Mayer (former First Boston CEO and current dean of the University of Maryland Business School). Both of us have been affiliated with this jewel of a communications platform for some time, Bill having served as a Chief Executive of the Year judge; and I having served both of the magazine’s previous owners in capacities ranging from business strategy adviser to author to advisory board chairman.

Indeed, it was through Chief Executive that Bill and I met and discovered our shared appreciation and vision of its franchise. Bill said it best when one of our staff asked what had motivated him to become an owner of CE. His reply:

“As an investment banker, I spent half my life trying to get into the corner offices of chief executives, and it wasn’t easy. As I began to achieve some success in that objective, what did I find sitting there? Chief Executive magazine! Then, when I became a CEO myself and grew even more interested in what CEOs were about, what did I find myself reading? Chief Executive!”

To us, Chief Executive is a unique communications medium that connects CEOs with their peers in many ways. On its pages, through articles and interviews; off its pages, at roundtables and forums and in the Chief Executive of the Year selection process, the corner-office crowd shares ideas and counsels one another in productive yet quite enjoyable ways…living out our notion that a CEO’s favorite consultant is another CEO.

Regarding Chief Executive, the publication, our aim is to make a good thing even better. We’re pleased with the product turned out by a staff led by Editor J.P. Donlon and Publisher/Executive Vice President Darcy Miller Donaldson, and we’re also pleased to say the entire staff will remain intact under new management. Regarding Chief Executive, the enterprise, however, our aim is to more thoroughly fulfill the potential of this unique franchise.

During this renaissance, we encourage your evaluation and suggestions. Please let us hear from you, particularly now, but in the future, as well.

Help us do an even better job of putting your journal in your hands.

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