An e-network for CEOs

We’re calling it the e-network for CEOs. To get to our new Web site set your browser to Our [...]

September 1 1999 by JP Donlon

We’re calling it the e-network for CEOs. To get to our new Web site set your browser to Our plan is to expand it from an informational site, where one can find current and back issue articles and features, to one where CEOs may exchange ideas and have their queries answered.

Each month, for example, our magazine brings you a roundtable discussion of a current management challenge explored by 15 to 20 CEOs and presidents from different companies and industries. Space I limitations compel us to offer edited highlights of the exchange, but we could make the entire discussion available on our Web site, initially as text, but ultimately in full sound and video. Currently, the full text of the speeches from July’s 1999 Chief Executive of the Year Award dinner at the New York Stock Exchange-excerpted on page 24 of this issue-is available on our site.

There will also be content unique to the Web site, including periodic news and updates from MIT’s Media Lab, research from participating business schools, and surveys to which we will post e-mail responses. The April 1999 issue of CE featured a Stern Stewart analysis ranking 600 public companies by the market value added (MVA) by CEO. Space prohibited including the economic value added (EVA) and the change in EVA over the tenure of each CEO in the magazine article-data that would be handy for those who are keen to develop the latest in performance measurement systems. On our Web site, the database could also be extended to the full scope of the 1,000 companies in Stern Stewart’s analysis. Above all we view the site as a work in progress. As AlliedSignal’s Larry Bossidy told me at July’s award dinner, one is never happy with one’s Web site, and “maybe you never will be.” We encourage you, our readers, to tell us what you would like to see and what might be helpful to you.