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Silver Lining in States’ Fiscal Crisis

WE ARE CHEERED BY NEWS that some states plan to start privatizing more of their infrastructure. In an ironic recent broadcast, New York Governor David Paterson, facing ballooning deficits estimated to be as much as a staggering $26.5 billion over the next three years, lamented that there may be no alternative but to sell off roads, bridges and other infrastructure. ...

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President Pelosi

Forget Obama. Forget McCain. In a few weeks time Democrats are on track to gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, something that has not happened in 28 years. Ten Republican seats are in play this year, compared with just one Democratic seat. If this happens, the most powerful person in Washington may, in fact, be Nancy Pelosi, the San ...

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Thorns and Roses

ROSE€¦It’s rare when a consultant deserves a bouquet, but former Boeing directer of lean manufacturing JOHN R. BLACK deserves every petal for this gem from his recently published book, “Lean Production”: “Hiring consultants to come to your company, collect data and feed it back to you with a strategy that requires you to spend money, add people, and buy expensive ...

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Miller’s True ContributionTrue to his servant leader management style, Steve Miller [CEO Watch, “Who You Gonna Call?” July/August] continues to be the humble, genuinely nice guy who understates the significance of his Delphi role that has been a template for saving the domestic automotive industry.Economic realities have dismantled the benefits entitlement culture that took root following World War II. Miller ...

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Top Financial Companies Reported Losses from Subprime Mortgage Crisis

 Top 10 Reported Losses from Financial Companies as a Result of Subprime Mortgage Crisisfor the period Feb’ 07 – Apr’ 08COMPANY NAMELOSSES REPORTED  (In Billion $)Citigroup40.7UBS38Merrill Lynch31.7HSBC15.6Bank of America14.9Morgan Stanley 12.6Royal Bank of Scotland12JP Morgan Chase9.7Washington Mutual8.3Deutsche Bank7.5Wachovia7.3Credit Agricole6.6Top 15 Reported Losses from Financial Companies as a Result of Subprime Mortgage Crisis for the Fourth Quarter of 2007 (Oct – ...

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