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2008 CEO Of The Year Celebration


     Ron Naples – Chairman & CEO of Quaker Chemical.Gloria Bohan – President, CEO and founder of Omega World Travel.Al Ehrbar – President of EVA Advisers.Hassan Ahmed – Chairman of Sonus Networks.Andy Taylor – CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.Gene Bauer – Managing Director, U.S. consulting operations at Hay Group.   Anne Mulcahy with her husband Joe and hers sons Kevin and Michael.Richard Thompson – ...

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4th Annual Growth, Innovation and Leadership 2008

A Frost & Sullivan Global Congress on Corporate GrowthEvent OverviewFor over 45 years, Frost & Sullivan has been providing Global 1000 clients and beyond with innovative strategies, research, and consulting solutions to maximize growth opportunities to dominate the competition. Our services include: * Competitive Intelligence * Benchmarking * Geographic Expansion Strategies * Market Penetration Strategies * Demographic Analysis * Research ...

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Do Your Customers Have a “Superior Experience?”

February 18th The Harvard Club New York CityCustomers are more demanding than ever before, but not all companies keep up with what customers expect. Of 362 firms in one study, 80 percent believe that they deliver a “superior customer experience” yet only 8 percent of customers agree. Keeping customers, selling more to them, and attracting new customers are essential to driving ...

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Dept. of Poverty Creation

Last year, the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, an independent research group, reissued a petition signed by 31,000 scientists asserting that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane were actually beneficial to the environment. The petition was created in 1998 by the late physicist, Frederick Seitz, in response to the Kyoto Protocol a year earlier. It urged the ...

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Jobs Will Be Hard To Come By For a While

THE MARKETS WERE RECENTLY JOLTED by the largest increase in unemployment since 1986. The rate increased to 5.5 percent in May a half point monthly increase. Analysts say the jobs picture is grim and with equities having officially entered bear market terrain, prospects of a much longer period of economic hard times are starting to emerge. While the number was ...

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Feed Back

New CEO, Old Team In “New CEO, Old Team” (Chief Executive, April/May 2008) the authors said, “CEOs have had little guidance on how to judge whether to keep most of their inherited team, or look for new blood.” A simple but effective approach that has worked for hundreds of CEOs is to, in the first weeks, conduct interviews with each ...

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We Need More Women Leaders, Now What?

Chief Executive Round TableOctober 15th, 2008. WednesdayThe Harvard Club,Manhattan, New YorkAs strategy execution in difficult times has become a top priority, CEOs need to  attract and retain  all available talent, not least their women executives who can be critical assets. A tightening leadership supply in an increasingly complex global market demands it. We invite you to share your knowledge and ideas ...

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