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Mr. President, Let’s Not Piddle Around

DURING HIS SOARING INAUGURATION speech President Barack Obama said it’s not the size of government that matters but whether it’s [...]

Chief Executive Final Word January 30 2009

Thorns & Roses

ROSE…Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH’S testy refusal to step aside in the face of FBI wiretaps that reveal his attempt to auction [...]

Chief Executive CEO Life January 30 2009

When Leaders Seek Leaders

Trained as an electrical engineer, George Buckley, 61, held executive positions at British Rail, Emerson and Brunswick Corp., where he [...]

Chief Executive Leadership & Strategy January 30 2009

Virtual Marketing Benefits for the CEO

Almost every company has a web site these days. But, are you using the internet to market more effectively? The internet has [...]

Chief Executive Entrepreneurial CEO January 15 2009

CEO Confidence Index December 2008

In Search of the Interminable Bottom CEOs See Flat Dow, Higher Oil and Interest Rates

Chief Executive CEO Confidence Index January 8 2009

Saturn – A Lesson for CEOs

When GM introduced Saturn with great fanfare back in 1990 I wondered to myself “will this new GM brand ever [...]

Chief Executive Entrepreneurial CEO December 18 2008

An Audacious Opportunity

PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA IS signaling that his administration intends to stiffen regulations on business, the environment and the workplace. Obama repeatedly [...]

Chief Executive Final Word December 12 2008


Severance When CEO Gets the BootEditor’s Note: In an Online Conversation with the Editor, “It Worked for Spitzer,” CE asked [...]

Chief Executive December 11 2008

Thorns & Roses

ROSE€¦To vice presidential hopeful SARAH PALIN for exposing the hypocrisy and ugly rage of “progressive” feminists, the mainstream media and [...]

Chief Executive December 11 2008


Chief Executive December 11 2008

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