Alok Gupta and John Parker

Alok Gupta is a Principal with The Cambridge Group, a growth strategy consulting group that is a part of Nielsen. Based in New York, Gupta focuses on developing demand-driven growth strategies for financial services companies. John Parker is a Director with The Cambridge Group and has over 20 years in consulting. He supports clientele development efforts and advises staff on helping clients achieve measurable improvements in financial performance.

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A CEO Checklist for Adopting Real-Time Pricing

For generations, we have lived in a world of static pricing, which, by its nature, has translated into losses of customers when prices are set too high and losses of profits when prices are set too low. In response, adjusting prices in real time to reflect continuous changes in consumer demand and underlying supply costs has become increasingly common.

Alok Gupta and John Parker Dealmaking/Negotiations , Marketing & Sales , Profitability/Growth July 7 2014

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