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The six things CEOs don’t understand about PR people

 There’s a huge gulf between chief executive officers and their public relations people, whether on staff or at an outside agency. The vast majority of CEOs don’t understand what PR people actually do. As a business journalist, I’m now going to spill the beans.No. 1: PR people don’t like to talk to the media. When we call them, we usually ...

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California Ranked Worst for Business


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a motorcycle accident recently. But he should see the even bigger train wreck that’s headed his way: Readers of Chief Executive have for the second straight year named his state as the worst in the nation for doing business. “I ran a public company in Sunnyvale, California,” said one of the 339 readers who responded ...

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The Editor’s Predictions for 2006


1. We’re going to see a breaking down of the current health care and pension system in which corporations shift the burden even more dramatically to individuals.2. Global competition is going to intensify and become a major national issue, not just an afterthought.3.Consequently, accelerating the pace of U.S. innovation is going to be a subject that millions of Americans care about. ...

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Learning About Innovation

The word “innovation” is everywhere these days, just like “quality” used to be. You’d think there would be a clear, well-defined set of best practices for chief executives. But innovation is a vast subject, filled with mystery, as I’ve discovered in deep dives at Corning, FedEx, IBM and Medtronic over the years. And I continue to learn, both at this magazine’s ...

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