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An Exclusive Interview with FedEx’s Fred Smith

Fred Smith sat down with Bill Holstein in Memphis to talk about FedEx. Here are excerpts:

Bill Holstein CEO Interviews October 1 2005

Learning About Innovation

The word “innovation” is everywhere these days, just like “quality” used to be. You’d think there would be a clear, [...]

Bill Holstein Technology November 1 2005

General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner: Exclusive Interview With GM’s Rick Wagoner

General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, who has announced plans to cut 30,000 jobs and close several factories, says the Bush Administration is making a mistake by targeting China’s currency, not Japan’s. Moreover, he sees China as a major emerging market, in which GM is able to participate.

Bill Holstein CEO Interviews December 19 2005

The Editor’s Predictions for 2006

1. We’re going to see a breaking down of the current health care and pension system in which corporations shift [...]

Bill Holstein Strategy December 22 2005

California Ranked Worst for Business

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a motorcycle accident recently. But he should see the even bigger train wreck that’s headed [...]

Bill Holstein Best & Worst States January 24 2006

CEOs Voting With Their Feet

Dell’s decision to double its workforce in India to 20,000 people and Wal-Mart’s plan to hire 150,000 people in China are part of a massive shift in hiring patterns.

Bill Holstein Conversations with the Editor March 21 2006

The 6 Business Books That Ought To Be Written

After picking the Six Worst Business Books last week, several respondents challenged me to offer my ideas for new business books.

Bill Holstein Conversations with the Editor March 21 2006

The six things CEOs don’t understand about PR people

 There’s a huge gulf between chief executive officers and their public relations people, whether on staff or at an outside [...]

Bill Holstein Conversations with the Editor March 28 2006

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