Bob Donnelly

Bob Donnelly is CMO of Flo-Tite Valves & Controls, a U.S. based supplier of valves and components to the process control industry in North America. A coach, educator, and advisor to founders/CEOs of growing firms, he is a serial entrepreneur, having started, grown and sold several technology based businesses. Previously he held executive positions at IBM, Pfizer and Exxon. Donnelly is a regular contributor to Chief Executive magazine and is the author of "Personal Brand Planning for Life."

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Lifecycle Quiz for CEOs

Company’s, like people, go through a natural evolution from their entrepreneurial beginnings or embryonic phase, through the growth phase into [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO May 19 2009

Smart Mobile Tools for CEO’s

Targeting Customers on the Go has Arrived

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO April 14 2009

Innovation for CEO’s

Innovation is one of the most misunderstood concepts; time to clear things up

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO March 24 2009

The Perfection of Marketing

After carefully reading nearly 200 pages of this work by a professed brand guru I was left without one nugget [...]

Bob Donnelly December 22 2008

Two CEOs, One Strategy

Innovation is becoming the lens through which leaders are directing a laser-like focus on business transformation. It’s easy to see [...]

Bob Donnelly Strategy December 12 2008

Lessons from the Chief CEO

It’s all about Marketing

Bob Donnelly Election Center November 18 2008

How CEOs can Sweeten their Marketing

As I have said many times??it’s about customers ! Today there is more information about customers than ever before, and more [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO October 15 2008

What CEOs Can Learn From Political Marketing

For years I have marveled at our political process and the marketing aspects of it.Every four years we go through [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO September 9 2008

The CEO’s Lament

What to do when growth sputters?

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO August 18 2008

The CEO’s Entrepreneurial Dilemma

Over the years we have watched as one company after another that rose to be the current brand of choice [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO July 17 2008

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