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Robert M. Donnelly
Robert M. Donnelly is CMO of Flo-Tite Valves & Controls, a U.S. based supplier of valves and components to the process control industry in North America. A coach, educator, and advisor to founders/CEOs of growing firms, he is a serial entrepreneur, having started, grown and sold several technology based businesses. Previously he held executive positions at IBM, Pfizer and Exxon.

The CEO’s New Strategic Imperative – Engagement

We have heard that old cliché that the lifeblood of every business is its employees so many times that it has become like one of the proverbs from the bible.But, like with the bible many proverbs have fallen on deaf ears. Just like the assumption that every business has a detailed business plan, there is a similar assumption  that every ...

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Marketing by Assumption

Where did the Edsel, the Chevette, and more recently the Aztec and Phaeton come from?Certainly not the customer, but more likely from a committee who never spoke to a customer.Success is built on a passionate pursuit to change the world. Failure, typically, is the result of the arrogance of making assumptions as to what customers want and then creating products ...

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Lifecycle Quiz for CEOs

Company’s, like people, go through a natural evolution from their entrepreneurial beginnings or embryonic phase, through the growth phase into maturity, and if they are not careful they can age prematurely and eventually die. The individual products that make up the company sales have their own product lifecycles as well.The problem is that many CEOs do not know where their ...

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The Perfection of Marketing

After carefully reading nearly 200 pages of this work by a professed brand guru I was left without one nugget of new information. However, shortly after finishing the Perfection of Marketing, I read an article in Advertising Age by a real brand expert – Al Reis, which was in just 4 pages captured the epitome of an explanation of what ...

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Two CEOs, One Strategy

Innovation is becoming the lens through which leaders are directing a laser-like focus on business transformation. It’s easy to see why. Margins and product life cycles are shrinking, competitive pressure is growing, and the need for customer responsiveness has never been more important. Every company needs an edge. Enterprise innovation is not the sole domain of the entrepreneur. It can ...

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How CEOs can Sweeten their Marketing

As I have said many times??it’s about customers ! Today there is more information about customers than ever before, and more being generated every minute. And, there are many ways to motivate them all the way from simply putting your logo or marketing message on m&m’s and packaging them in a variety of creative ways, to more effective loyalty programs, to ...

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