Bob Donnelly

Bob Donnelly is CMO of Flo-Tite Valves & Controls, a U.S. based supplier of valves and components to the process control industry in North America. A coach, educator, and advisor to founders/CEOs of growing firms, he is a serial entrepreneur, having started, grown and sold several technology based businesses. Previously he held executive positions at IBM, Pfizer and Exxon. Donnelly is a regular contributor to Chief Executive magazine and is the author of "Personal Brand Planning for Life."

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Lifelong Learning and the CEO

There is a perpetual controversy about the value of the MBA degree. Books are published weekly about one form of [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO June 24 2008

Marketing by Assumption

Where did the Edsel, the Chevette, and more recently the Aztec and Phaeton come from?Certainly not the customer, but more [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO June 25 2009

Marketing Reminder for CEOs

Brands only get one opportunity to own a position

Bob Donnelly Branding , Marketing , Small Business September 2 2010

Marketing vs. Selling – What’s the difference?

Creating anything new is exciting. The thought of what a new business might become is exhilarating. The pursuit of that [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO April 3 2007

Mobile Marketing

What critical items do you have with you all the time these days?Your wallet or purse, your keys, and €¦.. your cell phone!

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO June 1 2007

Revisiting Planning Basics for CEOs

How simple it is, but how difficult it is to execute.

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO September 29 2009

Smart Mobile Tools for CEO’s

Targeting Customers on the Go has Arrived

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO April 14 2009

Soul Brothers And The Future

Founders of companies rarely do it alone. Most go into business with one or more colleagues or friends. Some high [...]

Bob Donnelly May 1 1995

The $44 Million One Day CEO

We have to do better on CEO compensation or it will be the undoing of business.

Bob Donnelly CEO Compensation , CEO Life July 23 2012

The CEO Scorecard

I’ve visited with a lot of CEO’s who were interested in knowing what to have on their radar screens at [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO May 15 2008

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