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Brad Mehl
Brad Mehl is president of Boundless Markets, a data-driven B2B marketing consulting firm. He has over 20 years of experience growing revenue and leading digital transformation. Before Boundless Markets, he was Vice President of Marketing and Audience Development at Penton, a $300+ million business information and marketing services company. Prior to that he was GM of ThomasNet, a $200 million provider of B2B digital and marketing services. He also led marketing at two divisions of LexisNexis, where he helped start the software division, and at CDNOW (now part of Amazon.com) where revenue grew from $6 million to $56 million under his leadership.

Superbowl Moments – Every Business Has One

Every company faces a “superbowl moment,” a make or break time when customer service really counts and every employee’s head should be in the game. The coordination leading up to the Big Game provides a good metaphor for the planning discipline that’s required for businesses to excel in their big moments — or suffer the consequences if they do not. The question is, will your company be ready?

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