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Employee Engagement is the Key to Execution

Susan Scott, founder of the leadership development and training firm Fierce, writes for Chief Executive Online about the necessity of employee inclusion. “It’s a two-step, you and the world, you and your organization. Your employees lost interest in you because you lost interest in them,” she says. Don’t let that happen. Instead, play by Scott’s beach ball rules, and you’ll ...

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What is a CEO Personality and Does Larry Page Have It?

On Monday, Larry Page took the helm at Google (again). Now that it’s been a decade since he was last in the chief executive seat, is he ready to head the internet giant? There has been significant criticism of Page’s leadership style. Yahoo! Finance chronicled the complaints. Rumor has it that as a CEO Larry: 1. Was aloof and rebellious ...

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, You Should Be Happy: Failure Leads to Success

There are two types of business mindsets says Baba Shiv for the Stanford Graduate School of Business – one type sees failure as shameful and one type sees failure as an opportunity. It is those who see failure as an opportunity that drive business forward and who really find success. The key to innovation then becomes to instill a culture ...

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Economic Confidence Deeply Drops from February to March 2011

After rising spirits in January and February 2011, CEOs were feeling less than optimistic in March. Spring really is coming late this year. Chief Executive’s CEO Confidence Index was down more than 6.1% from February, settling at a 6.02 out of a possible 10. The reason? Political uncertainty both domestically and abroad. Read: CEO Confidence Index March 2011

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The CEO Fight Club: Uncovering the CEO Psychology

It seems to be an unspoken rule that CEOs don’t discuss the wear and tear that the job has on the psyche. When you are in charge of the behavior of an entire organization, the pressure can be crippling – and when someone messes up (even if you didn’t have anything to do with it), it’s your fault. Ben Horowitz, ...

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Green Isn’t Trendy Anymore, It Is Necessary

Green is in. We all know that. But, being environmentally friendly and working toward a sustainable business is no longer about public relations. Going green is about real numbers. Going green can save you money, protect your margins, and increase your shareholder value. CEOs need to stop looking at ‘green’ as a buzzword and start taking it seriously. Bloomberg Businessweek’s ...

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