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Drawing on 28 years of management experience increasing shareholder value as a Co-Founder and CEO, Chas Klivans launched The CEO’s Navigator in 2001 (www.InnovationTwo.Us). He is a frequent advisor and trainer for corporations, trade associations, and an approved Vistage Speaker.

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Navigating Governance Options in a Private Company

Improved operating performance, advance intelligence on emerging trends, higher valuation, right tone at the top, and expansion into new products and services are typical goals for privately held companies. Well defined governance oversight from private company directors can assist business owners reach these goals.

Chas Klivans CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance July 19 2013

The Best Way to Jumpstart Your Company’s Growth

Most business observers agree that as a company grows it will hit speed-bumps at revenue levels of $5 million, $10 million, $20 million, and $50 million. They also generally agree that most founders, CEOs, or General Managers will fail in their well-meaning efforts to take their companies over these hurdles.

Chas Klivans CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy November 15 2012

It Happened To Yahoo, It Will Happen To You

High level hires can backfire as in the case of Yahoo’s Scott Thompson but using the three tools cited here, an executive hire should never blow up in your face.

Chas Klivans Governance/Compliance , Internet , Leadership & Strategy , Technology July 10 2012

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