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After Acquisition, the CEO of OpenTable Discusses the Benefits of Having a Parent Company

As CEO of OpenTable, Matthew Roberts led the dining reservations’ company through a 2009 IPO, its $2.6 billion sale to the Priceline Group in July, and now he’s helping to orchestrate the company’s expansion from a primarily local-oriented restaurant-transactions company into a global dining experiences company that hopes to be front of mind for travelers in the U.S. and internationally.

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eDreams CEO Talks About Finding a New Way to Sell Flights

Founded in 2000 as a Silicon Valley vacation-packages startup with two employees, Barcelona-based eDreams Odigeo has emerged as a flight-search specialist that has rolled up five brands in Europe, employs 1,600 people, and executed an IPO in April, although its stock has tumbled and now trades for less than 3 euros ($3.81).

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What an Economist Brings to a Business Strategy

Although many business executives sat through one, or perhaps several, courses in economics while in school, most probably took away little more than the supply and demand graphs to which they were introduced early in their first course. Ask them if they apply much else from else from economics in their actual business careers, and you’re likely to hear “not much.” They might be surprised at how certain economic notions have been directly applied in business, with largely positive results. Here a few notable examples.

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For Great Business Builders, Knowledge Is Power

Highly successful entrepreneurs are obsessed with their business; they have a strong desire to acquire in-depth knowledge about all aspects of it. If you are a Knowledge-Seeker, you constantly search for new information and experiences to navigate your company in a highly complex business environment.

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