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CEO Tim Cook and the Imperfect Apple

Apple’s triumphant product launch turned into a public relations mess in less than a week. Some users couldn’t make phone calls after they updated their mobile software. Some new iPhones bent. Bent! Amid all the bad press, Apple representatives have been fairly quiet as their company scrambles to figure out the best internal and external moves.

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Protecting Your Business From a Data Breach

Target's CEO is no longer in the hotseat. Home Depot's CEO now has that honor. The do-it-yourself retailer's in-store payment system was hacked in what may have been the largest data breach of a retail company’s computer network. It is, unfortunately, unlikely to be the last.

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Tech Cities Struggle With New Business Rules

A renowned technology hub that is home to some of the country’s top universities, Boston is emerging as an unlikely battleground for web-based businesses like Airbnb and Uber, with some saying more regulations are needed to prevent the upstarts from disrupting communities and more established industries.

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Where to Locate Your Business in Asia

One of the most interesting things I do is help our clients decide how to “get into” Asia. The how to go into Asia part typically involves our helping the client decide whether it needs a business entity in Asia or whether it can service Asia from its existing home base via distributors, agents, or the internet. Setting up and operating a business entity overseas is more expensive and more difficult than most companies expect.

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