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Culture Still Eats Strategy Every Time

Over the last few transformative decades, we’ve seen great businesses, brands and leaders rise and fall and some of us in brand consultancy have even have had the privilege of working with them. Most have been astonishingly successful, but not all, and when exploring reasons why, the facts always point to the question of culture.

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4 Social Media Insights to Ignite Your Strategy

Social media has become ubiquitous with media itself, with the lines blurring between what is and isn’t considered social. We’ve hit an inflection point where mainstream media outlets are increasingly turning to social platforms to facilitate on-air programming, once the sole domain of producers and broadcasters.

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How Women Give Business the Competitive Edge

For some companies, improving gender balance is about social responsibility, for others it’s about compliance and avoiding lawsuits, but what many businesses already know, and what many more are coming to understand, is that having women at the table is a bottom line, business imperative.

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Energy Company CEO Predicts Doom for Coal

Robert Murray, CEO of Ohio-based Murray Energy, kicked off a gathering of coal interests Monday presenting a gloomy picture of an industry in irreversible decline, a political administration out to get him, and a patient on an operating table waiting for electricity that’s bound to be cut off due to impending coal plant retirements.

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