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How Naiveté Can Become a Critical Business Asset

Winning in business is an expert’s game. The path to success, conventional wisdom would have it, is to study the market and your competition, hire consultants, apply best practices. One surprise of the unconventionals—a podcast series that features businesses that succeed through disruptive strategies—is just how often people make the opposite point: they wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for their naiveté.

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Don’t Ditch Your Business Cards

It's amazing when you think of it. The march of technology over the past two decades has decimated the music and publishing industries and created an environment in which nearly all of our correspondence is digital. Yet miraculously, the simple 3.5" x 2" rectangular paper business card continues to flourish.

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Get Your Team to Stop Second-Guessing Decisions

The CEO of a multinational manufacturing company spent long hours with her team developing a strategic growth plan. Everyone was on board, but just weeks away from the launch, some got cold feet and began to doubt their ability to execute so many initiatives at once. As a result, they started second-guessing their overall direction.

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