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June 2015: CEO Confidence Down 2.5% From May

CEOs’ confidence in what they anticipate overall business conditions to be 1 year from now weakened in June as compared to the previous month, making June the lowest month of CEO Confidence all year. CEOs who responded to Chief Executive’s monthly Confidence Index survey rated their confidence in future business a 6.25 out of a possible 10, compared with 6.41 ...

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A Simple Rule for Achieving Balance and Success in Business

During a marketing meeting at company Constant Contact, some VPs gave their best pieces of business advice. Catherine Kniker, VP of International and Local Success (an Irish expatriate who always has something fun up her sleeve), got up to the podium and said, “Mine is going to come from someone with a sixth-grade education: my dad.” The room perked up a little at this. She put a slide up with the words: “Just do the thing you said you were gonna do.”

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Wall Street CEO to Pay $18 Million for Employee Sexual Harassment

A wolf of Wall Street will have to pay $1​8​ million for sexually harassing and then trashing online his pretty Swedish underling, a Manhattan jury found Monday. The federal jury awarded Hanna Bouveng, 25, the payday in her case against her married ex-boss Benjamin Wey, the 43-year-old CEO of the billion-dollar New York Global Group. Bouveng should get $2 million ...

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How an Airbnb Renter’s Horror Story Taught the Company’s CEO His Greatest Leadership Lesson

Some investors, like Silicon Valley star Chris Sacca, refrained from investing early in Airbnb, which was founded in 2008, due to fears of the disasters that could happen when people share their homes with complete strangers. The first Airbnb horror story that made waves in the media happened in June 2011, when the renter of a woman’s San Francisco home ...

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is Working Globally to Support Tobacco Industry

A parliamentary hearing was convened here in March to consider an odd remnant of Ukraine’s corrupt, pre-revolutionary government. Three years ago, Ukraine filed an international legal challenge against Australia, over Australia’s right to enact antismoking laws on its own soil. To a number of lawmakers, the case seemed absurd, and they wanted to investigate why it was even being pursued. ...

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