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CEO Positions of the Week – 5/25/15


CEO | Tech Startup | Semiconductor Industry | San Francisco Bay Area The right candidate will have 15+ years of semiconductor industry experience and hands-on tech development experience. The CEO will prepare the company for an eventual IPO in the next 18-24 months. He/she should have proven marketing, sales, business development and/or licensing success growing an innovation-driven technology business from ...

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CEOs: Don’t Send Technology to Solve a Human Problem

It might be tempting to push this thought off to the CTO or the customer service manager, but it's critical that the CEO not only knows how customers are being handled, but ensures that the way customers are being serviced is aligned with the company's core goals and mission. Here's some advice from someone with a lot of experience in this area; Fred Reichheld.

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Growth Through M&A: Adding the Right Business at the Right Time

Ascena Retail Group Inc., owners of women’s brands including Dress Barn, Lane Bryant and Justice, among others, recently acquired Ann Taylor. How does this fit with the firm’s existing brands? In niches such as plus-size and middle-aged women, “I think we really dominate,” CEO David Jaffe said in The Wall Street Journal, noting that”I’m very bullish on women’s fashion. Like ...

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The 200 Highest-Paid Chiefs in 2014

Among the top CEOs, the highest paid woman was Marissa Mayer of Yahoo at $42.1 million sitting at 14th on the list. Median pay for the 200 CEOs was $17.6 million, a growth of 21% over last year’s study. Out of the top 10 CEOs, four of the executives are at technology companies.

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Injustice at the SEC – Yale’s Jon Macey Defends Lynn Tilton

In a just world, if the SEC found a company run by a lone woman that had saved tens of thousands of jobs and dozens of failing American businesses including Rand McNally, Stila Cosmetics, Dura Automotive, and MD Helicopters, it would give that company a medal. But not this SEC. This SEC is trying to put the company, Patriarch Partners, out of business, suing it for securities fraud on a theory that is both highly technical and specious.

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