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California Dreaming

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S PROPOSED FEDERAL SPENDING WILL TOP $4 TRILLION this year, about 29 percent of GDP-exceeded only by spending during [...] Final Word April 13 2009

What is Wrong With CEO Succession Events April 28 2009

CEO Confidence Index April 2009

Business Leaders Optimistic About Economic Rebound
CEOs Agree the Republican Budget Proposal Supports More Business Growth and Job Creation CEO Confidence Index May 7 2009

Aligning Strategy, People and Compensation In the TARP Era Webinar Events June 1 2009

CEO Confidence Index May 2009

Business Leaders Confident in Improved Economic Conditions CEO Confidence Index June 4 2009


Crony Capitalism Final Word June 22 2009


Where Will the Electricity Come From?Ronald Bailey’s article on electric cars (March-April) is well written, informative and addressed many related [...] Feedback June 22 2009


Information begins with facts, which can be assembled to identify trends. Put it all together to derive knowledge. Presenting Chief [...] June 22 2009

CEO Confidence Continues To Recover

ARE BUSINESS LEADERS BECOMING MORE SANGUINE about the economy? According to Chief Executive magazine’s CEO Index, which measured another strong [...] CEO Confidence Index June 22 2009

Thorns & Roses

ROSE…When PRESIDENT OBAMA reversed his decision not to oppose the release of incendiary photos, he acknowledged the validity of warnings [...] June 22 2009

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