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2.7 Billion Mobile Web Users by 2015, More Popular than PC

In the iPhone’s short history it has managed to change the way in which the world consumes media.  Though there [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 15 2011

20 States Where We Should Create Jobs

The country is in need of jobs, but where are they going to come from?  Some states may prove better [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 15 2011

2009 Chief Executive of the Year Dinner

Xerox’s Anne Mulcahy passes the baton to Jim Skinner, CEO of McDonald’s CEO of the Year October 14 2009

2011 Brings Alignment Between Performance and Public Company CEO Pay

After 2010, when there was no correlation between company performance and CEO pay at the largest public companies, compensation was [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

2011 Ends on a High Note: Will CEO Confidence Continue Its Rise?

December saw a 4.9 percent increase, but fewer CEOs are expecting an increase in revenues, profits and capital expenditures. As one CEO put it, “Uncertainty is the watch word.” CEO Confidence Index December 16 2011

2011 Wealth Creators Index November 17 2011

2011′s Most Valuable CEOs

The fourth annual ranking of wealth creators — and destroyers — by Chief Executive and the Applied Finance Group finds that discipline is rewarded. Leadership & Strategy November 16 2011

2012 Quality of Living worldwide city rankings

A Mercer study identifying the best quality of living among the world’s 200 leading cities finds Vienna at the top, Baghdad at the bottom. Singapore ranks highest for city infrastructure, Port-au-Prince the lowest. Honolulu and San Francisco are the top-ranked US cities for overall quality of living, but European cities dominate the new city infrastructure ranking. CEO Briefing Newsletter December 13 2012

2012’s Top 25 CEOs (According to Their Employees)

Chief Executive ranks CEOs using complex financial data to determine the Most Valuable CEOs. But what our list doesn’t include are the companies whose employees think the most highly of their CEOs. This list shows which companies are on board with their CEOs. The top 5: Apple’s Tim Cook, Ernst & Young’s Jim Turley, QUALCOMM’s Paul Jacobs, American Express’ Ken Chenault and Google’s Larry Page. You might be surprised who else tops the list. CEO Briefing Newsletter April 5 2012

2013 Best Companies for Leaders – Top 5

Top 5 Best Companies for Leaders #1 – P&G – Tackling Turnover P&G again tops the list as the Best [...] Best Companies for Leaders , CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 10 2013

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