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Competition: What the Government Can Learn from Business

CEOs know that competition is crucial to the marketplace because it keeps prices low and incentivizes innovation. Customers vote with their dollars. Can’t these same economic principles be applied to governments? Competition among governments – both national and local – can improve governance practices. CEO Briefing Newsletter April 19 2012

Why Can’t Some CEOs Keep Their Trousers Zipped?

Brian Dunn, the former CEO of Best Buy, has now joined the ignominous ranks of CEOs who’ve allegedly had public affairs with employees and lost their jobs. What causes some CEOs to start to believe the rules don’t apply to them? And is it really the affairs that get them fired? CEO Briefing Newsletter April 20 2012

How Will Wal-Mart’s Bribery Scandal Affect CEOs?

Wal-Mart’s alleged FCPA violations are bound to bring about much legal fallout. Executives have gone to jail for violating the FCPA, and only time will tell what will happen to Wal-Mart’s C-Suite. If your company does any business outside the U.S., it’s important to follow this story and let Wal-Mart’s missteps be a cautionary tale. Here’s what you need to know. CEO Briefing Newsletter April 26 2012

CEO Job Board: 6 Openings in Media, Investments and IT

Here are six CEO openings across the U.S.: CEO/GM – CHS Inc Medicare & Medicaid Supplies CEO CEO – NDS [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter April 26 2012

Don’t Be That CEO: 4 Leadership Styles That Will Kill Innovation

All CEOs know that innovation is crucial to success and longevity, but achieving your innovation goals can be very difficult. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter April 26 2012

Are Four CEOs Too Many for One Company to Handle?

We’ve all heard of companies with two CEOs. In fact Chief Executive recently explored companies that are run by executive duos. But have you ever heard of a company with 4 CEOs? China’s largest manufacturer of phone equipment has announced its plan to add 3 rotating co-CEOs to the top office with its current CEO. Will it work, or will there be too many cooks in the kitchen? CEO Briefing Newsletter April 27 2012

Best/Worst 2012 May 1 2012

What CEOs Prioritize When Ranking a State

In rating each state in three general categories, Tax & Regulation, Workforce Quality and Living Environment, CEOs measured each against five to six subcategories. Here they are. Best & Worst States May 1 2012

How CEOs Grade the Best/Worst States: 2012

Here’s a look at how our CEOs graded the states for this year’s survey. For additional reference are other important state statistics. Best & Worst States May 1 2012

Louisiana is the 13th Best State for Business 2012

No. 13 Louisiana Taxation and Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key Metrics State GDP  [...] Best & Worst States May 2 2012

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