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Leaders Gone Bad: Why Power Turns to Misbehavior

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, David Sokol, Mark Hurd, Lee Farkas. These powerful business leaders have taken over the headlines because they chose to engage in abuses of power. With offenses ranging from bank fraud to sexual assault, one wonders why such smart people would risk their careers in such reckless and destructive ways. Harvard Business School professor Bill George explains the appeal of rule-breaking and why so many prominent leaders end up on the wrong side of the law. CEO Briefing Newsletter June 16 2011

The Pension Pickle

In addition to budget crises and high unemployment rates, serious pension problems loom for the US. States now face a $3 trillion-plus shortfall in state pension plan funds. Unable to hire new employees, CEOs are increasingly reliant on contract workers; this just results in depressed employment and loss of payroll taxes for states that desperately need revenue. Global Business , Governance/Compliance , North America June 13 2011

Almost 40% of Companies Now Rely on the Cloud

The data storage landscape is quickly changing and many companies are switching to cloud computing as the storage of choice. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 3 2011

Why CEO Tenure Varies: Are You at Risk

Although the length of CEO tenure varies (based on many different circumstances), it seems that there may actually be a [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 3 2011

Falling Short: What to Do When You Can’t Deliver

When Tom Searcy’s company was unable to provide the results that it promised, he was faced with the challenge of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 3 2011

US Health Care Reform to have Bigger Impact than Expected on Employee Benefits

In 2014, when many of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act actually take effect, business owners will have serious [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 3 2011

CEO Confidence Index Falls on Worries over Inflation and Gov’t Debt

Following an optimistic April, the CEO Confidence Index fell 2.2 % in May to 6.09 out of 10. Only 65 % of CEOs predict that overall business conditions will be ‘good’ or better over the next year. Chief executives focused primarily on the possibility of inflation and increasing levels of government debt. CEO Confidence Index June 2 2011

IBM Global CEO Study: Fewer than Half Can Handle Increased Complexity

There’s no doubt that the global business climate is becoming increasingly complex to navigate. IBM’s Global Business Services division interviewed [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 25 2011

Be Prepared: Wages on the Rise

During the recession, employers increasingly relied on the work of temporary employees in an attempt to streamline costs. In March [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 25 2011

How Middle Management Steers Your Company

Most of the important decisions may be made in the C-suite, but the chief executive officer is not enforcing new [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 25 2011

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