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Evolving Management Skills: How One CEO has Adapted Her Style

One of the important distinctions that Linda Lausell Bryant makes to her employees is this: we are a team and [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

Common Traits: What All Successful CEOs Have in Common

In depth psychological interviews of over 60 CEOs found that there are three qualities that successful CEOs have in common. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

Complex Decision Making: There’s Truth in the Idea of ‘Sleeping On It’

There is now scientific reasoning behind the idea that you should take your time to make a decision; you really [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

Breaking Down the Corporate Ladder: Why You Need Flat Leadership

Barry Salzberg has been the CEO of Deloitte LLP in the US since 2007 and will take on the role [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

The Challenge of “Big Data” and How CEOs Can Meet It

Led by three McKinsey directors Richard Dobbs, James Manyika and Charles Roxburgh, the team note in their report, Big data: [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

Are Temps Now A Permanent Reality?

When the United States hit 2008 and the recession, businesses restructured in many ways to survive in the struggling economy. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 5 2011

The Immigrant Leader: How to See More Opportunities

There are stark differences between immigrant business leaders and those who were born in the United States. As a whole, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 5 2011

Innovation by the Masses, Not by the Select Few

Though it sounds difficult, innovation is something that all employees and CEOs can practice. It is a skill, a discipline, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 5 2011

Want to Drive Your Return on Equity 41% Higher? Put Women on Your Board

In 2010 McKinsey did a study on the performance of companies based on the presence of women on boards of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 5 2011

Following a Static Year, Public Company CEO Pay Jumps 11 Percent

Executive pay stalled in 2009 while the U.S. weathered the heat of the recession, but now things are on the upswing. Matching increases in net income at many companies, executives are now seeing a huge increase in pay packages. With shareholders enjoying a median return of 18%, chief executives of public companies took home around 11% more than they did last year. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation May 5 2011

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