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Oracle’s Earnings Indicate Businesses Still Cautious, Not Yet Ready to Spend

Oracle’s earnings results were lower than expected and its shares are down 21 percent for the year. The news from Oracle prompted a sell-off of shares in other enterprise software companies. Oracle sells expensive and complex systems to businesses, and so its poor performance may indicate that many CEOs aren’t ready to heavily invest in capital expenditures. CEO Briefing Newsletter December 21 2011


No. 33 Oregon Taxation and Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key Metrics Taxation and [...] Best & Worst States May 3 2011

Oregon is the 42nd Best State for Business 2012

No. 42 Oregon Taxation and Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key Metrics State GDP  [...] Best & Worst States May 2 2012

OSHA’s Top 10 Standards Violations and How to Avoid Them

The list hasn’t changed much in recent years, but it highlights the need to improve safety on the plant floor. Manufacturing Newsletter March 31 2014

Outsourcing 2.0: How to Profit by the Return of Manufacturing to the U.S. Videos May 18 2012

Overcoming Information Overload and Gaining Productivity

We are constantly bombarded with data. We can get information from print, television, email, internet news sources, twitter, Facebook, text, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 7 2011

P&Gs AG Lafley talks about acquisitions gone wrong November 28 2011

Part II: Private Company Compensation Study

Chief Executive Group recently conducted a groundbreaking study of the compensation practices of private companies with revenues of $5 million to $5 billion. In our last issue, we provided some of the highlights about CEO compensation practices. This charticle focuses on some of the key findings related to other senior executives. CEO Compensation , CEO Life , Talent Management December 6 2011

Party Like it’s 2007

Corporate belts are loosening, according to Crain’s New York Business. 96 percent of companies nationwide are planning to have holiday parties. But is everyone popping champagne corks? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy December 9 2013

Patent Creation and U.S. Inventiveness

In the midst of a weak recovery from a particularly severe recession, many people are wondering whether the United States is in a state of decline, lacking the dynamism it once had. In terms of inventiveness such as patent creation the U.S. still ranks high. In other measures not so much. CEO Briefing Newsletter February 13 2013

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