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Report From Davos

Leading business and political leaders (and a few celebrities) are gathered in Davos to discuss the key risks and opportunities [...] January 28 2011

CEO Daily Brief – Jan. 27, 2011

SEC Approves Non-binding Say on Pay Rule Shareholders will have more say on executive salary, bonuses and “golden parachutes” – [...] January 27 2011

CEO Daily Brief – Jan. 21, 2011

Larry Page To Be Named Google CEO Replacing Eric Schmidt One of Google’s co-founders, Larry Page, will be named the [...] January 21 2011

CEO Daily Brief – Jan. 20, 2011

  U.S. CEOs Want Fewer Barriers in Trade with China American business leaders went to Washington, D.C. this week to [...] January 20 2011

Why Tax Policy Is a Dissembler’s Paradise

All politics is the art of deception, none more so than the oft-repeated claim about “tax cuts for the rich.” First, the extension of the rate cuts of 2003 that President Obama grudgingly agreed to in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits is not in any way a reduction of income tax. The only question was whether everyone’s tax liability was going to increase in January. Regulatory January 20 2011

CEO Daily Brief – Jan. 18, 2011

Apple Plans for Contingencies Word this week that Steve Jobs, a cancer survivor, will be taking an extended medical leave, [...] January 18 2011

Obama Signs Executive Order To Update and “Balance” Regulations

President Obama, in an op-ed in today’s WSJ, outlined a new executive order to review regulations and “remove outdated regulations [...] January 18 2011

Apple’s CEO Takes Another Sick Leave

Steven Jobs is taking another medical leave of absence, 1.5 years after he returned after his kidney transplant.  It is [...] January 18 2011

CEO Daily Brief – Jan. 14, 2011

Developing Countries Projected to See Higher Growth than Higher Income Countries: World Bank U.S. CEOs are well aware of the [...] January 14 2011

CEO Daily Brief – Jan. 13, 2011

CEO Succession Plan at AIG Could Be Important as Government Readies for Divestment CEO succession is important at any company. [...] January 13 2011

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