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SPX CEO Chris Kearney Share His Favorite Business Books

Have you ever wondered which business books have had the most influence on high level CEOs? Here, Chris Kearney shares what thought leaders have developed his leadership style, and gives advice on how to be a successful CEO. Leadership & Strategy , Videos August 23 2011

Starbucks Expands Digital Tipping Option

You can do practically anything with a mobile phone these days including tipping your favorite barista. Could such apps be another path for rewards programs and tapping customer needs? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Compensation , Marketing & Sales , Operations March 24 2014

States in Fierce Competition Over Tax Reform

Just as countries vie with one another to be agreeable places in which to do business by having congenial tax rates, U.S, states have come to realize that in order to attract jobs and diversify revenue, they too, must adjust their tax structure accordingly. Long having struggled to attract business and diversify its economy, New Mexico recently passed a tax reform package which will likely cause nearby states like Arizona, California and Nevada to take notice and possibly rethink their own efforts at reform. Texas’ governor Rick Perry, who runs a fairly low-tax state environment, is calling for even more reductions. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 9 2013

States React to High Rankings from CEOs

There have been many reactions to the release of Chief Executive magazine’s Best/Worst States for Business 2011. Here, top-scorers react to their rankings and make goals for the future. Florida Governor Rick Scott even warns Texas Governor Rick Perry, “watch your back.” Florida’s aim: to take the top spot next year. Best & Worst States May 24 2011

States React to Poor Rankings from CEOs

While there were clear winners in Chief Executive’s Best/Worst States for Business, it was also clear which states have fallen out of favor with CEOs. Those who ranked poorly had something to say about it. Some saw the results as a catalyst for change while others disagreed with CEO opinions. Here’s what they had to say. Best & Worst States May 25 2011

Stock Market’s Rise May Be Producing Crop of Very Cautious CEOs, Study of Stock Options Suggests

With the stock market surge over the past several years, executive stock options awarded near the bottom of the market are worth small – or not so small – fortunes. How does this affect the way CEOs run their companies? A hefty increase in options’ paper value may lead to sharp decrease in risk-taking CEO Briefing Newsletter April 25 2013

Stop Designing for the Internet First

Toddlers are now using touch-screen tablet computers. Small children now swipe the surfaces of television screens expecting them to work like a mobile device. These may be your future consumers, and they already have mobile technology ingrained in their processes. It used to be that your company’s website was accessed only through a personal computer, and so that’s the interface on which your company focused. Now, it’s time to design for mobile first and the internet second. CEO Briefing Newsletter September 22 2011

Straight Talk About Minimum Wage Laws

California Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill that will gradually raise the state’s minimum wage from $8/hour to $10/hour by 2016, saying it is a long overdue measure to raise the income of working families. Yet earlier in September Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray, also a Democrat, vetoed a City Council bill that would require large retailers [read Wal-Mart] in the city to pay higher wages, a measure that had drawn national attention. Gray called the bill a “job-killer,” saying it would result in the loss of thousands of jobs in Washington. So who’s right? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance September 27 2013

Strategies for Coping with Obamacare

Some small-businesses are thinking of splitting their firms or taking other steps to avoid the associated costs and regulatory burdens of the Affordable Care Act. Most owners have other less-radical options for maneuvering around the law’s provisions such as transforming their workforce to part-timers, reducing their workers’ hours or even lay off staff in order to remain below the thresholds established under the act. Under the law, firms with 50 or more full-time-equivalent employees will have to provide “minimum essential” and “affordable” coverage, or pay a penalty for each employee in excess of 30 full-time employees. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy , Operations August 23 2013

Strong Company Reputations Aren’t Always What They Seem is widely popular. In fact, according to a Harris Interactive survey of 14,000 individuals Amazon enjoys the best reputation among the general public of any company. But wait. Last year last year Apple topped Harris Interactive same survey and recently it has seen its stock plummet by more than 20 percent. Mark Hulbert, editor of the Hulbert Financial Digest argues that the most admired companies aren’t always the best investments. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 13 2013

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