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California Dreaming

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S PROPOSED FEDERAL SPENDING WILL TOP $4 TRILLION this year, about 29 percent of GDP-exceeded only by spending during [...] Final Word April 13 2009


No. 50 California Taxation and Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key Metrics Taxation and [...] Best & Worst States March 7 2011

Buzzwords: “We Need to Retire”

Do your eyes glaze over whenever you hear certain words and phrases that have long passed their sell-by date? queried CEOs and its general readers for buzzwords they would like to ban. We invite Briefing readers to volunteer their own. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Editor's Note January 12 2014

Businesses are using a kinder, gentler form of performance ranking December 1 2011

Business Leaders Skeptical but Hopeful in Response to Obama’s SOTU

In the wake of President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address there was a wide range of reactions from business leaders who heard different things. “It’s not going to have a big impact on the markets,” said Len Blum, CEO of Westwood Capital to CNBC. “Historically SOTU addresses move the stock market no more than 15 basis points, and there was nothing in the speech that was market moving.” Other business leaders had mixed responses. CEO Briefing Newsletter February 20 2013

Bush Calls for Immigration Legalization; Stops Short of Amnesty

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who some observers reckon will run for President in 2016, called for “stem-to-stern” immigration reform that “prepares a path to legalization as opposed to citizenship.” CEO Briefing Newsletter , Global Business March 7 2013

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders—Lessons from the Military

Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey Jr., shared insights from the military’s success in developing strong leaders at Chief Executive magazine’s CEO2GOV Summit. Here are excerpts from his remarks. September 16 2010

Build a Lasting Legacy

How to hand a family firm to the next generation with its values intact. October 22 2010

Bringing Beige to the Apple Brand

Why did Apple’s Tim Cook lure Burberry’s Angela Ahrendt, a non tech leader to burnish the Apple store’s brand? Why did she give up the CEO title to do it? Does it signal more CEOs jumping their industry? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Marketing & Sales October 27 2013

Breaking Down the Corporate Ladder: Why You Need Flat Leadership

Barry Salzberg has been the CEO of Deloitte LLP in the US since 2007 and will take on the role [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

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