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Are Quotas the Answer to More Female Representation at the Top?

There is no debate that the representation of women in the C-suite is poor.  In the US, of the Fortune [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 26 2011

Are Four CEOs Too Many for One Company to Handle?

We’ve all heard of companies with two CEOs. In fact Chief Executive recently explored companies that are run by executive duos. But have you ever heard of a company with 4 CEOs? China’s largest manufacturer of phone equipment has announced its plan to add 3 rotating co-CEOs to the top office with its current CEO. Will it work, or will there be too many cooks in the kitchen? CEO Briefing Newsletter April 27 2012

Are CEOs Lazy?

In the past two months, President Obama has blamed CEOs for the United States’ sub-par economic performance twice. President Obama [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter November 17 2011

Apple’s new CEO gets an extra million shares (worth $383 million)

Shortly after Steve Jobs stepped down from Apple’s helm and Timothy Cook was named the successor at the end of August, Cook was gifted with one million shares of Apple’s stock, which is currently worth almost $400 million. But Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world — and recently even overtook ExxonMobil as the largest company. What are the implications of Apple’s compensation policy, and will this bonus incentivize Cook to stay for the long haul? CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation September 22 2011

Apple’s CEO Takes Another Sick Leave

Steven Jobs is taking another medical leave of absence, 1.5 years after he returned after his kidney transplant.  It is [...] January 18 2011

Apple Makes Majority Rule: Shareholders Have More Say in Board Elections

Proposals for majority voting of directors have been around since the dawn of governance and it seems as though Apple [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter February 29 2012

Analyze This! How Big Data Can Help Small and Midsized Companies March 9 2012

America’s Highest Paid CEOs

Chief executives at public companies are often rewarded with handsome salaries and bonuses, and often to the outrage of the public. Here is a list of the 100 highest-paid CEOs from Forbes as of March 25, 2011. CEO Compensation , CEO Life September 29 2011 Upsets Apple for Top Reputation Spot

Apple and Google join Amazon in top five as companies that have transcended tech. The Walt Disney Company, Johnson & Johnson, and The Coca-Cola Company complete list of companies with great reputations according to the 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient. CEO Briefing Newsletter February 20 2013

Almost 40% of Companies Now Rely on the Cloud

The data storage landscape is quickly changing and many companies are switching to cloud computing as the storage of choice. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 3 2011

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