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The CEO Confidence Index Jumps 3.9% in June, but CEOs Remain Skeptical and Cautious During Tepid Economic Recovery

The CEO Confidence Index, Chief Executive’s monthly gauge of CEOs’ expectations for business conditions over the next 12 months, rose 3.9% in June to 6.09 out of a possible 10. This is the highest rating the Confidence Index has seen since May of 2011, when the measure was also 6.09. CEO Confidence Index June 15 2013

The CEO’s Guide to Executive Retreats and Board Meetings May 29 2012

The CEO’s Glossary to Business Acronyms

AAR – average annual return ACH – automated clearing house—a collection of 32 regional electronic interbank networks used to process [...] Personal Effectiveness October 5 2011

The CEO-Board Relationship: What Can the New CEO Learn?

The key challenge for any freshly-minted CEOs who finds himself in the position of top-to-bottom reorganization is to find a way to transition the relationship with the chairman and the board from subordinate to peer-to-peer. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance March 24 2014

The Challenge of “Big Data” and How CEOs Can Meet It

Led by three McKinsey directors Richard Dobbs, James Manyika and Charles Roxburgh, the team note in their report, Big data: [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 12 2011

The Collaboration Myth: Why It Doesn’t Work

Managing people in a productive manner is difficult, and figuring out how to get them to work together can be [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 8 2011

The Era of Agile Commerce: How You Need to Change Your Marketing Strategy

We are now in the age of the internet. If a potential customer wants to learn about your company, the [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 7 2011

The Future Still Looks Brighter than the Present to CEOs in the New Year

With the much-dreaded fiscal cliff crisis resolved by temporary measures, one might think that CEOs would be more optimistic about [...] CEO Confidence Index January 22 2013

The Hidden Impact of Delayed ACA Health Penalties on Business

Conceding, in effect, implementation problems with the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration is delaying enforcement of a key provision of the new health-care law that requires large employers to provide coverage for workers or pay a penalty in 2014, the biggest revision so far to the federal health-care overhaul. The knock-on effects for business may prove significant. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance July 5 2013

The Immigrant Leader: How to See More Opportunities

There are stark differences between immigrant business leaders and those who were born in the United States. As a whole, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 5 2011

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