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A “Nixon-Goes-to-China” Jobs Solution for Obama

Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent thinks U.S. companies are at a disadvantage compared to those based elsewhere—thanks to America’s byzantine tax code and its regulatory overreach. Global Business November 23 2011

90% of CEOs think Romney will be on the ballot come November Election Center October 13 2011

90 Percent of CEOs Expect Romney to Be GOP Nominee, but Only 44 Percent Say He is 1st Choice

When asked which GOP candidate is most likely to take the nomination, 89.4% of CEOs expect that Mitt Romney will end up on the ballot. Though Romney is still the most popular candidate among CEOs, nowhere near 90% favor him over all the rest. Just under 44% (43.9%) favor Romney, but 17.5% like Gingrich, 12.3% Huntsman and 10.7% are going for Santorum. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center January 12 2012

9 Steps to Innovation Success

It’s time to get beyond the buzzword. Here are 9 ways to bring innovation to your company: CBS: Focus on [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter March 15 2012

85 Percent of CEOs Rank Obama’s Performance as ‘Weak’ or ‘Poor’

According to a recent Chief Executive poll, CEO approval of President Obama’s performance is even lower than his overall approval ratings. More than 85 percent of CEOs think that the president is doing a ‘weak’ or ‘poor’ job, with fully 60 percent of CEOs saying that the president is doing a poor job (giving him a score of 1 or 2 out of 10). Heading into an election year, the president is going to need to sway the opinion of CEOs if he’s going to find success. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center September 22 2011

8 Signals of a Highly Innovative Company

CEOs have heard this a thousand times before, but in a rapidly changing marketplace it’s crucial for companies to remain agile and innovative. Here, Fast Company editor-in-chief Robert Safian shares eight principles to follow to remain successful in today’s economy. Three of these guiding principles are: growth should be a tactic and not a strategy, data is power, and copycats are history. CEO Briefing Newsletter February 24 2012

8 Questions to Settle the CEO vs. Board Conflict

There can be an inherent conflict between a CEO and their board; the board may be focused on short-term gains [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance November 3 2011

8 Lessons from eBay CEO John Donahoe

Online auction site eBay has stayed relevant through this constantly changing tech landscape through its emphasis on strong leadership. CEO John Donahoe’s principles are classic and clear. He says, “Ultimately, your reputation is not what you say, but what you do.” Here are 8 things CEOs can learn from him. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 8 2012

8 CEOs with Staying Power

The average tenure for a CEO in the U.S. holds is just over 8 years, which makes the enduring careers of corporate chiefs such as Reed Hastings, Rupert Murdoch and Larry Ellison all the more impressive. The chances of a company surviving 50 years are dauntingly slim. In fact, data from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that, of all private sector businesses started in 1994, only 24.6 percent were still in business sixteen years later in 2010. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy March 17 2014

73.5% of CEOs Expect Increased Revenues Over Next 12 Months

The CEO Confidence Index fell back below 6.0 to 5.98 in March. The Index dropped 0.8% from last month on economic and political concerns. February’s Index was calculated before President Obama released his budget for the 2013 fiscal year, a plan that relies heavily on taxes. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Confidence Index March 14 2012

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