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CEO Confidence Index Tumbles 1.3%, Current Conditions Rating Drops 3%

CEO Confidence Index — October 2013 Respondents: 159 September 2013 October 2013 Monthly Change CEO Confidence Index 5.70 5.63 -1.3% CEO Confidence Index October 15 2013

He Used to Be a Big Shot

There is a famous closing scene at the end of “The Roaring Twenties,” the 1939 classic that chronicles the rise and fall of a gangster and the last movie that Jimmy Cagney and Humphrey Bogart made together. Kneeling over Cagney’s bullet-riddled corpse, his faithful bootlegging associate, one Panama Smith, looks up and tells a passing cop, “He used to be a big shot.” Where have all the superstars gone? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy October 17 2013

CEO Positions of the Week – 10/21/13

Recent postings of jobs for chief executives from around the country. Recruiting October 18 2013

Research Reveals Outsourcing R&D Abroad Boosts Innovation

Businesses that outsource research and development (R&D) overseas are more likely to innovate than those who outsource at home, says new research. IBM’s strategy of building research capability in places like Switzerland, China, and India mirrors that of GE, Intel and others. Ordinarily the purpose of outsourcing R&D was cost reduction, but many are now doing it to boost innovation as well. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Operations , Outsourcing October 18 2013

Suppliers Assess Wal-Mart’s ‘Made-in-USA’ Parade

Wal-Mart is drawing all sorts of attention these days for its new commitment to purchasing American-made goods. But unlike decades ago when the retailing giant cajoled manufacturers to source their goods from China and other low-cost nations, this time Wal-Mart is responding opportunistically to a general made-in-the-USA resurgence that already was well underway. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Operations October 18 2013

CEO Positions of the Week – 10/28/13

Recent postings of jobs for chief executives from around the country. Recruiting October 27 2013

Bringing Beige to the Apple Brand

Why did Apple’s Tim Cook lure Burberry’s Angela Ahrendt, a non tech leader to burnish the Apple store’s brand? Why did she give up the CEO title to do it? Does it signal more CEOs jumping their industry? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Marketing & Sales October 27 2013

Companies Are Dealing with Obamacare Complexities, Too

Right now most of the drama being generated by Obamacare has to do with the failure of the web site and the slow going in getting individual Americans signed up for insurance coverage. But make no mistake: Even though business got a reprieve in the onset of the legal mandates of the Affordable Care Act to next fall, business owners are currently in the throes of important business decisions being prompted by the new law – and by its intended, and unintended, consequences. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance , Operations October 27 2013

2013 Wealth Creators Index

In the sixth annual ranking of the Chief Executive/Applied Finance Group wealth creators, more and more leaders are showing that they have both the discipline and staying power to sustain real value creation. Wealth Creators October 30 2013

CEO Positions of the Week – 11/04/13

Recent postings of jobs for chief executives from around the country. Recruiting November 1 2013

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