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The Trader Joe’s Model for Employee Retention

CEOs take note: Not every company fits the Trader Joe’s model, but some observers suggest that it offers many easy-to-implement ideas: break goals down into smaller, sub goals; celebrate the accomplishment of small goals loudly and joyously; actively solicit and put into effect employee ideas for improvement. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy , Talent Management September 20 2013

The Unintended Consequences of SEC Proposed Pay Rule

The SEC has just proposed a rule that will require all public companies to report the ratio between the total pay of the CEO and the median pay of all other employees (excluding the CEO). Some of the unintended consequences –particularly for employment– will be severe. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance September 20 2013

The View From Marketing: How To Get The Most From Your CMO July 25 2011

The ‘Celebrity’ of CEO Salary

CEO pay is an emotional issue with some, but it as a business performance issue it may be beside the point. Simply said, reducing chief executive pay, while a nice symbolic gesture, is not going to materially improve profitability. Symbolism won’t pay shareholder dividends, won’t drive revenue and won’t better the bottom line. One expert suggests that more attention and energy should go into investigating supplier “salary” rather than CEO remuneration. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy March 7 2013

These extreme CEOs fly fighter planes, scale mountains, and skydive. July 18 2011


THORN Why put the open Internet at risk by ceding control over ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)? [...] Green Business , Internet May 15 2014

Thorns & Roses

ROSE…Former telecom CEO EDWARD WHITACRE JR. assumes the chairmanship of GMand faces a two-front challenge: working with GM CEO Fritz [...] August 18 2009

Thorns & Roses

ROSE…When PRESIDENT OBAMA reversed his decision not to oppose the release of incendiary photos, he acknowledged the validity of warnings [...] June 22 2009

Thorns & Roses

ROSE…Illinois politics is the best cabaret. Just when one thought the Blagojevich scandal couldn’t get more absurd, Roland Burris, Blago’s [...] April 13 2009


 THORNS&ROSES  THORN…To mister malaprop vice president JOE BIDEN, not for the common vulgarism caught by an open mike in congratulating President [...] April 29 2010

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