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Top 10 M&A Deals

Top 10 M&A Deals in the World for the Period Jan’08 – Aug ‘08Rank Buyer NameTarget NameTarget Industry Deal Size ( In [...] March 23 2009

Top 10 Most Valuable CEOs: Slideshow

The 2011 Wealth Creation Index ranks S&P 500 CEOs on their financial performance over three years. There were four CEOs who created more value for their companies than Steve Jobs in 2011. Who were they? Leadership & Strategy November 16 2011

TOP 10 Reasons to Green IT

TOP 10 Reasons to Green ITRankReason1Saves money: PC power management software can cut energy costs by $20-60 dollars per PC [...] March 23 2009

Top 100 CEO Pay Packages Among Public Companies

Here is a list of the top 100 CEOs and their pay packages according to public record. The top three CEOs all made more than $70 million in one year alone. CEO Compensation , CEO Life September 29 2011

Top Business Stories of The Week

Top Business Stories of The WeekJunk Bonds in ‘Goldilocks’ Market Reach Record: Junk bond sales reached a record this month as [...] April 9 2010

Tradable vs. Nontradable Employment — Structural Solutions to the Unemployment Crisis

CEOs are probably more aware than anyone of the hesitation of companies to hire new employees (that’s why two-thirds of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 25 2011

Transitioning at GM and Ford Reveal Different Cultures and Circumstances

Both GM’s Dan Akerson and Ford’s Alan Mulally arrived at their respective positions from outside the auto industry. The former is the “accidental car guy” while the latter is the aviation engineer. Their exits are being closely watched but for slightly different reasons. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance December 22 2013

Turning Competition Around: How to Use it For Your Own Benefit

It’s natural to look at your competitors in the marketplace as the enemy. Many companies and CEOs are afraid of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 2 2011

Tweet This: Hot IPO Market Welcomes Many Companies

Twitter is leading the headlines as it prepares for an initial public offering that may come as early as mid-November. But overall, the U.S. market for IPOs is hot right now as would-be filers warm up to a handful of factors. Is it time to dust-off your plans for an IPO? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology October 14 2013

Tweeter-in-Chief: When CEOs Start Twittering, Look Out

CEO are under pressure these days to appear “authentic,” reports The Wall Street Journal’s Leslie Kwoh and Melissa Korn, but using social media—with its demands for quick, unscripted messages—poses risks for the unsuspecting boss. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology December 5 2012

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