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West Virginia is the 34th Best State for Business 2012

No. 34 West Virginia Taxation and Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key Metrics State [...] Best & Worst States May 2 2012

What Can Be Done At State and Local Level

While debate swirls over what role the federal government should play in easing the nation’s seed funding crisis, experts say there are steps that can be taken regionally to improve flows of capital to start-ups Capital , Corporate Finance July 20 2012

What Can CEOs Teach the Gov’t About Creating Jobs?

The high unemployment numbers in the U.S. aren’t going to decrease anytime soon, and without the creation of more jobs, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 8 2011

What Causes CEO Failure?

Yahoo has had six CEOs in five years. At HP one CEO lasted six months. According to some studies up to a third of Fortune 500 CEOs have lasted three years with top executive failure rates as high as 75 percent and rarely less than 30 percent. In a study by Booz. Consultants, CEO tenure today is 7.6 years on a global average down from 9.5 years in 1995. According to the Harvard Business Review, two out of five new CEOs fail in their first 18 months on the job. What is causing this and what can leaders do to avoid falling victim to missteps? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy August 29 2012

What CEOs Need to Know About the S&P Downgrade

The markets have been in turmoil since the S&P downgrade of US debt at the end of last week and downgrades of municipal bonds on Monday. The market tumbled on Monday, rallied on Tuesday, and then dropped significantly again on Wednesday. Amidst this turmoil it’s difficult to tell what the end result will be (and it seems like everybody has an opinion). Here is information about the downgrade’s effect on small businesses (you can expect your cost of capital to increase) and cities (borrowing costs will rise). CEO Briefing Newsletter August 11 2011

What CEOs Prioritize When Ranking a State

In rating each state in three general categories, Tax & Regulation, Workforce Quality and Living Environment, CEOs measured each against five to six subcategories. Here they are. Best & Worst States May 1 2012

What China’s New Leader Means for Business May 25 2012

What Do R&D Budgets Actually Tell Us?

Many companies tout their R&D spending as a way of expressing their commitment to innovation. But correlating R&D budgets to [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 27 2012

What Happens to Innovation in Healthcare?

Writing in Medical Progress Today, Rita Numerof, states that now that PPACA has been upheld, downward pressure on innovation will [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 5 2012

What is a CEO?

The role of Chief Executive Officer is a complex one. So what exactly does the CEO do? Here, Chief Executive discusses the CEO’s role, supporting characters, and management styles. Leadership & Strategy June 26 2011

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