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Where Do You Draw the Line Between a CEO’s Corporate and Personal Life?

When CEOs need to blow off steam, many turn to extreme hobbies like racing yachts, flying planes or even space travel. But since these activities are dangerous (and can be fatal) should corporate boards be allowed to regulate a CEO’s extracurricular activities? Where do you draw the line between a CEO’s corporate life and his personal life? CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Life March 22 2012

Which GOP Candidates Would Send CEOs Over to Obama’s Side?

In December, for the first time since September, CEOs favored a candidate other than Mitt Romney for the Republican party nominee: Newt Gingrich. But some consider Gingrich more polarizing than Romney (and this week, Gingrich’s campaign has cooled). A larger percentage of CEOs would rather vote for President Obama than Gingrich if that is how the ballot looks in November. If Romney is the Republican nomination, on the other hand, more CEOs would vote for him than the incumbent President. Where do the rest of the nominees stand? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center December 27 2011

Who won the race to become Most Valuable CEO of 2011? November 16 2011

Why Are American Managers the Best in the World?

A study by professors at Harvard Business School, Stanford, and the London School of Economics has deemed American business managers the best in the world. According to the study, the United States owes its win to ruthlessness and flexible labor markets. The details paint an interesting picture of the highs and lows of global business including the fact that some European countries rank similarly to developing countries when it comes to management. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 6 2011

Why are CEOs turning down offers to join the Obama Administration?

Marshall Cooper, CEO of Chief Executive magazine, discusses why the administration is having issues replacing Larry Summers with Fox Business Channel’s Neil Cavuto. October 25 2010

Why Can’t Some CEOs Keep Their Trousers Zipped?

Brian Dunn, the former CEO of Best Buy, has now joined the ignominous ranks of CEOs who’ve allegedly had public affairs with employees and lost their jobs. What causes some CEOs to start to believe the rules don’t apply to them? And is it really the affairs that get them fired? CEO Briefing Newsletter April 20 2012

Why CEO Tenure Varies: Are You at Risk

Although the length of CEO tenure varies (based on many different circumstances), it seems that there may actually be a [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 3 2011

Why CEOs Are More Vulnerable

From board clashes to activist investors more leaders find themselves besieged and many find it necessary to yield to insurgent demands—or be deposed. Some like H.J. Heinz’s Bill Johnson find a middle path. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance October 25 2012

Why Going Private Is the New Black

Tech leader Tom Lounibus thinks it’s no accident that more and more tech companies are going private. But why would this trend also affect non-tech companies? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy September 27 2013

Why H-P is a Poster Child for Dysfunctional Governance and Silicon Valley Incestuousness

Ray Lane will step down as chairman of Hewlett-Packard after a rocky two-and-a-half-year tenure. The surprise move is in addition to the surprise resignations of two other board directors, John Hammergren, CEO of McKesson, and G. Kennedy Thompson, former CEO of Wachovia, who nearly lost their seats at the March annual meeting. CEO Briefing Newsletter April 9 2013

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