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A Study in Business Intelligence Vendor Selection

Customers typically had multiple service tickets open at any given time, but Hiperos customer service reps were not able to gather quickly and report on information customers wanted. CEO Greg Dickinson was also unable to see how well and efficiently his company was responding to client needs.

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Business Intelligence’s Bounty: How to Choose a Vendor?

Your executive team has successfully made the business case for investing in a BI project. You’ve got the funds earmarked. Now all you have to do is pick a vendor. Once upon a time, with only a small handful of vendors to choose from, that might have been a simpler exercise. However, over the past decade, growth in BI has spawned dozens of new players that have created sophisticated, flexible alternatives.

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Excellence in Embedding Creativity

Long before Apple icon Steve Jobs resigned from the helm of the technology giant last August, industry observers began mulling Apple’s hypothetical future without him. The questions loom larger since his death in October. Will the company that forever changed mobile computing with revolutionary devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad continue innovating at the same extraordinary level and pace under successor CEO Tim Cook?

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5 Ways to Be the Apple of Your Industry

1. Hire right. When Jerry Sokol took over as CEO of Vertis Communications in early 2011, he spent a lot of time making sure new management hires were a right fit for the culture: aggressive, forward-thinking and not afraid to debate the boss. “Safe individuals don’t work well with me.” 2. Set the tone. “Every single person inside Apple is ...

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