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Colin D. Baird
Colin Baird is management consultant of Phoenix-based LSI Consulting Group LLC. Organizations and executives seeking change hire Colin and his team to help learn what's possible tomorrow using analytics and other lean tools to understand how their culture, and operations are performing today. As a management consultant, speaker, and trusted advisor, individuals and teams first learn what to measure, develop strategies for improvements, and then drive down operating expenses through flawless execution of Deming's 14 Point Philosophy, and Principles of Lean Six Sigma Leadership. He can be reached at cbaird@lsicg.com, or 661-332-0382. Visit http://lsicg.com/lean-transformation for more details.

3 Steps for Turning Failure Around Through Continuous Innovation

In May, the Veteran's Health Administration’s former CEO, retired American Four Star General Eric Shinseki, began hitting a bit of a rough patch in his once highly decorated career. With an employee culture in free-fall, patients dying because the production system couldn't meet customer demand and employees lying and hiding results about key performance indicators, you'd think Shinseki, a 1965 West Point graduate with 50 years of leadership experience, would have learned something about failure and the need for continuous improvement.

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5 Ways to Learn From Target’s Latest Publicity Scandal

It seems that Target can’t catch a break. The big box retailer's culture was the subject of public scrutiny recently when a mid-level employee from Minneapolis sent an anonymous email to e-zine Gawker lambasting it. In response, Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jones wrote the following on his LinkedIn blog.

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Using the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” Model to Improve Your Company’s Culture

When artists create a beautiful painting, they begin with a blank slate. Their vision and clarity for what the painting will ultimately look like begins to improve with each successive paint stroke. CEOs can use the same learning techniques to improve their organization's culture with the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” (PDCA) model, which increases the likelihood of success through layered improvements.

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4 Rules on How to Elevate Performance

Sixty years ago, Japan lay in a burned out heap of debris. America sent statistician and management consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming to help - and indeed he did. What can American leaders, particularly those in manufacturing, learn from this historical improvement in culture to improve themselves?

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