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Colin D. Baird, VP with Los Angeles-based Sullivan, Curtis and Monroe, implements strategies and process improvements that improve operating efficiencies while emphasizing a more holistic approach to reducing risks related to people, excess motion, and waste.

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Using Genchi Genbutsu as the Ultimate ERP and Management System

Toyota Productions Systems’ (TPS) leadership and their employees refer to it as, “genchi genbutsu.” It is one of the most important and powerful analytical tools available to the executive today. What is it, and how can chief executives use the tool to help them improve their businesses and the performance of their employees?

Colin Baird CEO Briefing Newsletter , Operations December 1 2013

4 Rules on How to Elevate Performance

Sixty years ago, Japan lay in a burned out heap of debris. America sent statistician and management consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming to help – and indeed he did. What can American leaders, particularly those in manufacturing, learn from this historical improvement in culture to improve themselves?

Colin Baird CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy , Talent Management March 10 2014

Kaizen and Other Tools to Improve Culture and Boost Productivity

Don’t wait for a crisis to unhinge your strategic plans. CEOs can use the principles of continuous improvement to engage employees in ways that can improve productivity while creating a culture of direct involvement. Here’s how.

Colin Baird CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy April 6 2014

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