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Dale Buss
Dale Buss is a long-time contributor to Chief Executive, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other top-flight business publications. He lives in Michigan.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of State Incentives


When it comes to siting decisions, CEOs will tell you that the most important lures by far are intrinsic things like the location fitting their business model geographically, low taxes, adequate local infrastructure and ample talent that fits their specific needs. However, inducements and incentives can also attract companies to a state or locality.

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The Top 10 States for Manufacturing

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Concerns about American manufacturing growth have moved front and center in discussions about both the U.S. economy and presidential politics.

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Boards Aren’t Approving Enough Capital Spending to Foster Growth

Nearly $300 billion in capital expenditures by U.S. companies during the Great Recession hadn’t been replaced as of a year ago, according to a new study, and the hesitation of board members to open corporate pocketbooks has played a significant role in the slowdown.

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4 Lessons for Board Members from Valeant’s Sad Saga

The saga of Valeant Pharmaceuticals provides high theater for observers, something zesty to chew on for opportunistic investors, a potential upside for new CEO Joseph Papa—and the continuation of a self-created headache for Valeant board members.

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7 Pointers for Making the Most of an Advisory Board

Forming an advisory board can be a great way for a privately held small or mid-sized company—or even a public company—to tap into trends the CEO doesn’t know about, to rely on proven expertise to extend the enterprise in new ways, and even to line up potential future investors, directors or employees.

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Brazen and Bold, or Understated but Effective: How Do You Like Your CEOs?


Leadership styles among CEOs are becoming increasingly divergent. A new breed of high-profile, fast-talking, even brash business leaders seems to be eclipsing generations of the traditional buttoned-down breed of C-suite denizens who made and executed decisions in an understated way.

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10 States with the Most Fortune 500 Headquarters


Hosting the headquarters for America’s largest corporations used to be a pretty good indicator of whether a city and a state were friendly to business. But no more.

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The 10 Top States by GDP


America’s traditional economic powerhouse states lie on the fringes of the national map, and produce the largest Gross Domestic Product. But it’s states in Flyover Country that have been experiencing the biggest relative increases in GDP, according to the latest figures.

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The 10 Best States for High Tech


Digital technology steers economic growth in the United States now as never before. Every company must become a “tech company” to some degree, as the digitization of each industry proceeds apace.

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