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Dale Buss
Dale Buss is a long-time contributor to Chief Executive, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other top-flight business publications. He lives in Michigan.

Insurance Companies Are Emerging as Big-Data Leaders

Insurance companies are among the leaders today when it comes to exploiting Big Data and related tools such as predictive analytics and machine learning. As a result, they have some lessons CEOs of other companies can learn from in terms of how to leverage Big Data to maintain a competitive edge.

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6 Reasons Some CEOs Are Supporting Donald Trump for President


True to his impact in every way, Donald Trump is the great polarizer of CEOs as well as of the body politic. And while fellow business chiefs who oppose him have been the more vocal, a considerable number of CEOs also support the real estate mogul who maintains a huge lead in Republican presidential polls heading into the South Carolina primary later this week.

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Clinton, Sanders Paint Dire Economic Picture in Latest Debate

America is an economically dreary place whose CEOs and Wall Street financiers are largely responsible for our gloom, but which can be fixed by massively expanding the federal government and its benefits—and by handing the bill to the 1%. That, at least, is an amalgamation of the views that emerged in the sixth debate among Democratic presidential candidates, which occurred on Thursday evening in Milwaukee and was aired on PBS.

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