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Dale Buss
Dale Buss is a long-time contributor to Chief Executive, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other top-flight business publications. He lives in Michigan.

Right-to-Work Presses for Passage in West Virginia

West Virginia seems poised to become the nation’s 26th “right to work” state. That’s a prospect which thrills many manufacturing CEOs but chagrins union leaders who see a continuing erosion of relevance for organized labor in America’s factories.

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5 Leadership Lessons from the Super Bowl Coaches


Super Bowl 50 may be determined by whether the electrifying offensive weapon of the Carolina Panthers, quarterback Cam Newton, can impose his will on the stultifying defense of the Denver Broncos. But before the game unfolds in San Francisco on February 7, the two coaches who have led their teams to the NFL championship game already have created some worthy lessons in leadership and management.

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Middle Market M&A Is Expected to Remain Active This Year

The global stock-market swoon sent many would-be corporate acquirers and merger targets scurrying to the sidelines in the first part of 2016, as a combination of losses in valuation and overall volatility cool the M&A market at least for a while.

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Altair CEO Shares 3 Tactics for Retaining Engineering Talent

When you think about all the companies that are struggling to fill skilled-worker positions today, one company you will not think of is Altair. The thriving $300 million global software and engineering company has a strategy for overcoming the skills gap.

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Sanders Scores Against Clinton with Economic Criticisms

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders traded their most pointed criticism of each other in the Democratic Presidential-candidate debate on Sunday evening, and – true to their focus during the campaign so far—they mostly tilted on economic and other domestic issues.

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China Is Focus of Economic Arguments by GOP Debaters

In a debate that was widely described as the most effective yet for the leading candidates, GOP presidential contenders on Thursday evening spent their minutes attacking one another and Democrats, and hotly argued about national security and guns—but talked little of the economy, even as Wall Street continued to tank and new questions arose about the momentum of the U.S. recovery.

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Employee ‘Well-Being’ Programs Climb Higher on CEOs’ Priority Lists

More CEOs and other senior executives are embracing the idea that employee “well-being” programs that go beyond health benefits and an exercise room—meant to address mental and emotional health as well as physical—are paying benefits in workplace productivity and staff engagement.

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4 Ways for CEOs to Boost Innovation

Innovation has become a leading strategy for corporate growth, and increasingly CEOs must figure out how their companies can do it better, quicker and faster.

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In Final State of the Union Address, Obama Takes No Blame for Economy

President Obama acknowledged the economic struggles of the American people in his final State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, but he blamed individual frustrations on structural changes in the economy rather than conceding any policy mistakes.

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6 Inspiring Companies That Are Winning the Fighting with Over-Regulation

As over-regulation continues to be a bane of existence for many CEOs and company owners, business leaders are encouraged to see examples where the modern trend toward regulatory overreach is frustrated, turned back, or at least seriously challenged.

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