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David Brookmire (www.cpstrat.com) is an executive advisor, researcher, author and leadership effectiveness coach, who has advised such companies as The Cheesecake Factory, Darden Restaurants, Bekaert, Mckesson, Flowers Foods, Pitney Bowes, and Frito-Lay. Additionally, he offers strategic direction in building organizational capabilities, merger and acquisition success, and improved leader and team performance.

Are Leaders Born or Made?

It’s unfortunate - but common - to see headlines about CEOs who have been fired because they've failed performance-wise, or have drawn too much negative attention personally or professionally. Poor performing CEOs quickly drive down an organization’s success - and often result in negative publicity, declining sales and loss of stakeholder confidence. In some cases, these same CEOs have just come off a winning streak at other companies, but underperform in a new environment. It begs the question: What makes or breaks a leader? Is leadership an intrinsic trait? Are some people just born leaders or does leadership require skills that must be continuously learned and nurtured?

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