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Dr. Thomas J. Saporito (tsaporito@rhrinternational.com) is chairman and CEO of RHR International, a global firm committed to the development of top management leadership.

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CEO Transitions: Getting off on the Right Foot

The retention of CEOs is enhanced when they begin their tenure on a strong footing. While executive integration is not a new topic, a recent study by RHR International shows that the process unfolds in a very specific fashion.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito CEO Life , Leadership & Strategy November 7 2011

Life at the Top: Walking the Razor’s Edge

The business environment in which CEOs operate today is unlike anything experienced in past corporate life. Each decade following World War II has brought greater competition, regulation, scrutiny, and complexity—making the CEO’s role as leader, strategist and visionary incredibly demanding.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito Leadership & Strategy November 7 2011

How to Survive as an “Interim” CEO

Appointment of an “interim” CEO usually means an organization’s succession program has failed. In a joint RHR International/Chief Executive magazine study of 236 corporate directors, 95 percent of respondents acknowledged that CEO succession is critical. Yet, more than half (53 percent) rated themselves as “ineffective” in executing their responsibilities in the process. Forty percent of the directors surveyed claimed that they are not prepared for an emergency succession.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 24 2013

The CEO as Team Leader

The popular vision of the “lone hero” CEO leading the corporation to record profits is far from accurate in today’s increasingly complex operating environment. One individual simply cannot keep pace with the massive changes witnessed during the last five to ten years. To adapt, organizations are rapidly shifting to a shared-leadership model, where a carefully selected senior executive team aligns with the CEO to collectively drive the business forward.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito Leadership & Strategy March 11 2014

The CEO as Growth Leader

Changeable times call for leaders who are also able to change.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito Leadership May 14 2014

The CEO as Growth Leader

Although still wary of the global economy and the effect government policies will have on profit margins, CEOs are clearly feeling confident enough to begin shifting their focuses from pure survival mode to looking for growth opportunities.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito Leadership , Strategy May 8 2014

The New CEO Equation: Solving for X and Y

They’re under 40, leading $1 billion-plus companies and largely untested by adversity. What does the future hold for Gen X and Y CEOs?

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito CEO Perspective , Leadership , Personal Effectiveness July 8 2014

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