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Drew Morris
Drew Morris (drew.morris@greatnumbers.com) is the founder and CEO of Great Numbers! The company helps executives find the various dimensions of the upside in their businesses and mold it into a prosperity design—a blueprint for delivering that upside. He has no stake in any of the companies mentioned.

How to Increase your WCI Score

Use EVA and the EVA Margin and EVA Momentum ratio statistics to assess profitability, profitable growth and wealth-creation. Pay managers bonuses at all levels for increasing EVA and give them the tools and training to do so. Avoid overpaying for acquisitions or buying back stock at its peaks. Manage your portfolio of businesses from a wealth-creation perspective. This includes sensing opportunity—entering lucrative or fastgrowing businesses as well as divesting businesses making sub-par contributions ...

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A Look at Three of the Best Wealth Creators

Three of this year’s leading wealth creators are profiled below. All share one underlying reason for their prosperity: synergistic strengths. Their principal strengths reinforce one another, creating a notably more powerful wealth-creation effect, as we’ll see. (These write-ups reflect company events and performance up until June 30, 2015.)

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Lessons From the WCI That Can Help Every Business Become More Valuable

An analysis of the past seven years’ Best and Worst Wealth Creators’ profiles reveals five reasons businesses excel: The design of the business. The most powerful reason for a business’ prospering, or failing has to do with how it makes money. Two-time best wealth creator MasterCard is a good example, because of its “tollbooth” for non-cash payments and the network ...

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A Look at Some of the Best and Worst Companies

Again this year, we’ve profiled companies in the top and bottom ranks that we haven’t written about previously, to provide a fresh set of management insights. The write-ups to follow reflect company events and performance up until June 30, 2013.

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How Wealth Creation Metrics Can Help Every Business Become More Valuable

Running a business that generates revenue exceeding its combined costs (including capital), called an economic profit, is the essence of every executive’s, manager’s and business owner’s role, regardless of its ownership structure or size. The Economic Margin (EM) metric we use here to reveal an S&P 500 company’s wealth creation ability can also be used to measure that of a ...

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2009 CEO Wealth Creators and Destroyers

In the second annual Chief Executive/Applied Finance Group Wealth Creation Rankings, we access the best and worst performers among the S&P 500 over the last three years

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