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Accounting for Standards

To T.J. Rodgers, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation’s CEO, US GAAP accounting standards have a credibility gap. An investor called, worried about [...]

Erik Sherman Strategy , Technology January 30 2009

Surviving the Patent Shakeup

In 2004, casino gaming systems company Bally Technologies found itself being sued by a competitor named Shuffle Master, as well [...]

Erik Sherman July 23 2008

Tech Trends That Matter

Recognizing technologies that meet your business needs.

Erik Sherman Technology December 1 2005

Novell Bets Its Future on Linux

In the early 1980s, a Utah-based start-up called Novell Data Systems announced a new line of personal computer hardware-but it [...]

Erik Sherman Technology November 2 2005

Letting Go

After decades at the top, CEOs-turned-chairmen have a hard time yielding the daily reins.

Erik Sherman April 1 2004

Heavy Lifting

Overhauling your supply chain can be a Herculean task. Here are some strategies for tackling the challenge.

Erik Sherman Manufacturing March 1 2004

Gearing Up to Go Private

For companies seeking the safe haven of private life, both promises and peril await.

Erik Sherman December 1 2003


Wide-Screen TVTelevision technology has exploded in recent years, and nowhere is this more obvious than with high definition TV. If [...]

Erik Sherman December 1 2003

Picking Up the Pieces

It takes a special breed of CEO to repair the damage caused by corporate implosion.

Erik Sherman July 1 2003

Merger Mismatch

When tech departments fail to synchronize during a merger, cost benefits can simply melt away.

Erik Sherman Technology October 1 2002

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