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Economic Uncertainties Rock American Workforce

American workers are increasingly concerned about job related issues inflicted by the current economic crisis. According to the Workplace Insights [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi September 11 2008

How Yahoo can keep MS at bay?

Now that the threat posed by MS takeover bid appears to be receding, Yahoo can shift its focus on bettering [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Technology June 11 2008

Increasing Liability Risks Threaten Growth and Trouble Boards

A study conducted by Lloyds, a London based insurance market, reveals that board members are increasingly concerned about the increasing [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Governance/Compliance , Legal July 29 2008

Internet as an Effective Medium of Propaganda

With the Internet being used as an effective medium to mortify people, mishandling labor-management disputes could sometimes put the managements [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi October 10 2008

Is Shareholder Support to Say-on-Pay Waning?

Although shareholders are seemingly up in arms against the skyrocketing CEO pay, the fervor hasn’t translated into much action at the companies. Recent figures from expert groups such as RiskMetrics and Corporate Library reveal a very bleak picture for the ‘say on pay’ proposals triggered by shareholder activists so far this year.

Fayazuddin A Shirazi CEO Compensation August 13 2008

Is Six Sigma a hard-sell now?

From Jack Welch of GE to Larry Bossidy of Allied Signal, from Motorola’s Robert Galvin to Mikel Harry of Six [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi November 13 2007

Leasing Life Out of Trash!

What can be expected of TerraCycle, a tiny Trenton, NJ based organic fertilizer company, which survives on worm castings converted [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi September 8 2008

McCain Should Consider Blogging!

For Bill Marriott, online acquaintance is all about being up to date with the changing times. “Online proficiency – with [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Election Center , Leadership & Strategy , Technology September 23 2008

Measuring Innovation

“You cannot manage what you don’t measure,” says a popular axiom in business. If you need to track the economy, [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi February 5 2008

Private equity firms escape credit crunch heat

With the sub prime mortgage loans crisis threatening to cripple some of the biggest companies in the world, can the [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi November 13 2007

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